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30 Day Lean Mass Stack

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  • 30 Day Lean Mass Stack

30 Day Lean Mass Stack


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A powerful 30 Day Lean Mass Stack designed for those training to achieve rapid gains.
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Our 30 Day Lean Mass Stack contains everything you need to pack on lean, mean pounds in the month ahead.

We know how confusing supplements can be, especially when you have so many amazing choices on site, so we've put together this special stack of great products and best sellers, specifically to make picking from them a lot easier! So what does this stack include?

  • Pure Whey 80 - 1kg
  • Performance CHARGE - 40 Servings
  • Pure Highly Branched Cyclic Dextrin - 500g
  • Pure D-Aspartic Acid (DAA) - 100g (33 Servings)
  • BBW 700ml Blender Ball Shaker

Pure Whey 80

Pure Whey 80 is our most popular protein powder - and the best Pure Whey Protein Concentrate on sale anywhere in the World. Inside we include only the finest quality European sourced Pure Whey Protein Concentrate, and blend it in house in our own state of the art manufacturing facility. Available in a huge 19 flavours, with carbs and fat less than 2g per serving, great mixability and incredible quality, why pay more for a high street brand?

Performance CHARGE - 40 Servings

Performance CHARGE didn't just launch with a bang, it launched with an explosion! CHARGE is an elite, advanced pre-workout matrix packed with everything you need for a killer workout. Incredible reviews prove that not only does it taste fantastic, it's giving customers a fantastic workout to boot.

Pure Highly Branched Cyclic Dextrin - 500g

We were the first company in Europe to import and launch this revolutionary new super-carb in the UK. We only every use patented Cluster Dextrin from Glico in Japan (unlike many other suppliers and inferior competitors, who have started to offer lesser varients). Pure Highly Branched Cyclic Dextin is an incredibly fast acting carbohydrate that is designed to be taken pre, intra and post workout, to feed your muscles ensuring rapid recovery and incredibly intra-workout performance.

Pure D-Aspartic Acid (DAA) - 100g (33 Servings)

You've read the studies, you've heard the feedback, you know what DAA can do. Our Pure D-Aspartic Acid perfectly compliments a hard training, lean mass program by optimising the muscle building environment and being of course, incredible quality. We offer both flavoured and unflavoured, so whether you'd like it 100% Pure, or slightly flavoured for more enjoyment, we've got an incredible DAA ready for you!

BBW 700ml Blender Ball Shaker

Our best selling shaker - BPA free, fantastic quality, and a whopping 700ml in total capacity so you can have a decent sized shake.

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Excellent Stack
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Bought this stack when it was on offer at £30. It is absolutely amazing!! Its about a week since i started this stack and my mass workout training and i can definitely feel and see the difference. The Charge supplement 100% works and that's me only taking half the dosage as i train after 8pm - otherwise i would be awake all night. The protein shake i use is the Chocolate smooth, taste decent. My only issue is the shaker bottle, there is no measurements on it so you don't know how much liquid you are adding!?

This will be on repeat order for me again though.


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