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AD are one of the fastest growing bodybuilding supplements brands in the UK today, with innovative new formulas, and interesting ideas on how to perfect the science of sports supplementation. AD Tauro-Test and AD BullK are leading edge male optimisers - BullK being one of the first supplements in the world to include Bulbine Natalensis. Shredabull and Ravenous also have a fantastic following with dedicated bodybuilders looking to get the edge on the competition! AD supplements are made by bodybuilders, for bodybuilders - see what they can do for you!
  • AD Invincibull - 150 Caps

    AD Invincibull - 150 Caps

    A one stop for your your overall health and joint support, a powerful weapon in your quest for performance.

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    AD Livermilk - 90 Caps

    AD Livermilk - 90 Caps

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    Special Price £13.91

    AD Livermilk - 90 Caps

    Designed to help support health and wellness, especially for hardcore athletes.

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    AD Matador

    AD Matador - 90 Caps

    Regular Price: £24.05

    Special Price £23.95

    AD Matador - 90 Caps

    Designed to help utilise glycogen and enhance the body's response to nutrition. Suitable for bulking or cutting.

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Total Reviews:5

AD Stampede Neuro - 90 Caps


For a maximal strength training session, or a long day like a strongman comp or power lifting meet, this product is fantastic. A very clean mental boost that increases focus and drive. I rate this product very highly.

AD Granite Mass Stack - Tauro-Test and BullK

Wicked Stack

These two work great together, gained some good lean muscle and size. Only half way through cycle, can't wait to finish and see end results.

AD Grazed - 30 Servings

Great Value

Big energy boost and love the price

AD Shredabull - 90 Caps

Nice One


AD Tauro-Test - 180 Caps

It Works!

I'm currently using it along with BULLK and I have seen big gains in a vary of fields. I have gained 5lbs in one week (but I do eat a lot of quality foods as well). I feel bigger, I look much bigger, my well-being has improved dramatically, before, I was feeling very negative about many different things for example going to work etc. but Now I constantly feel happy and positive. I have also gained strength, did 95kgs for 5 sets of 5 reps on bench two weeks ago and it felt tough, but did 100kgs this week and it felt quite easy. I would definitely recommend this product to my clients and anyone that would want to gain size.