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AD are one of the fastest growing bodybuilding supplements brands in the UK today, with innovative new formulas, and interesting ideas on how to perfect the science of sports supplementation. AD Tauro-Test and AD BullK are leading edge natural test boosters - BullK being one of the first supplements in the world to include Bulbine Natalensis. Shredabull and Ravenous also have a fantastic following with dedicated bodybuilders looking to get the edge on the competition! AD supplements are made by bodybuilders, for bodybuilders - see what they can do for you!

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AD BullK - 60 Caps

Great Product

Awesome product, great for training in the gym seen results within the first week of using but it is pricey but I will continue to use regardless of the price!

AD Shredabull - 90 Caps

AT LAST!!!!!!

I started training 4 years ago and lost 6 stone with the help of the fantastic warrior blaze 1.0 thats no longer available. Since then i have tried 7-8 different fat burner which haven't works. TIL NOW!!! Started using Shreddabull 50 days ago and the fat is burning as a good steady rate and focas gained during workout is a present surprise. 100% will be ordering more

AD Tauro-Test - 180 Caps

Quality Product

Have used many test boosters over the years and have found this to be among the best after using for a month and seeing good strength gains and also some weight loss, will definitely be buying again.

AD BullK - 60 Caps

Good But Havent Taken For Long Enough

I bought Bullk after I'd previously tried other AD products such as Matador and the Tauro Test v2. I've only been taking this product for around a week, but already I feel much better when it comes to training. Whether it's placebo or not, I've managed to already increase my weights, I feel more motivated and my muscles feel fuller when training. I've also noticed that my sex drive has marginally increased which obviously isn't a bad thing, just need the husband to keep up now ;) The one downside is I've noticed a slight background headache around an hour after taking it, however this wears off pretty quickly. Could be unrelated or not. So far, so good.

AD BullK - 60 Caps

Pretty Good!

Firstly, the delivery was very quick and the product came neatly packaged. As for the Product....well I seem to have issues with carbs, I can't eat many before I'm tired, sleepy, bloated and lack any form of energy. Then, come the following day, my weight will be up and I'm not sure it's just all water weight. In all honesty, I think I damaged my ability to handle carbs when I developed two eating disorders and abused carbohydrates whilst binging. Anyway, I tend to stick to a low carb diet with one day a week (leg day) being a little bit higher. I took the tablets and ate my usual carby meal. I had no dips in energy or bloating and my weight went up by 1lb, which dropped off a day later, rather than my usual 4-7lbs which tends to take 2 weeks to lose. I also noticed that my veins were more prominent, which for me has never happened before. Again, as with all products like this, I'm always cautious of what is or isn't suitable for females and I'm happy to say that this product works and I've had no side effects :)