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ALRI (ALR Industries) is the brainchild brand of Author L. Rea - one of the most prolific and famous supplement formulators in the US. Their mission is to create science based, leading edge supplements that give their users the best results, in the shortest time possible. Buy ALRI at the lowest prices in the UK at Bodybuilding Warehouse.

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ALRI Chain'd Out - 1 x Sample Sachet

Almost Too Sweet

Didn't like to mix completely and appletini was a little over powering.

ALRI Exchange - 120 Caps

Seems To Be Working

Only been taking for a few days, but already I don't feel as hungry between meals and my clothes seem to be getting looser on the waist

ALRI Exchange - 120 Caps

First Time Buyer

Only had these tablets for a few days and already noticed the increase in energy and this boost has increased my work out time by another 30 minutes and will see what weight loss comes after 1 week

ALRI HumaPro - 90 Servings

Excellent Protein

Excellent protein levels, minimum calories, great taste, mixes well, cannot fault this protein - great purchase

ALRI Chain'd Out - 60 Servings (600g)

Good Stuff

Keeps u going thru hard sessions and elevates mood as well. Good stuff - bad taste so if u a bit wussy bout stuff like that then maybe not for u lol