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Performance Prime

Great Preworkout

Great preworkout which helps me focus, good taste and definitely helps with sleep

Pure iBCAA 8:1:1

Best BCAA Yet

Started using this 2 weeks ago to aide a PH cycle. Taking twice a day, once during work, just sipping over half an hour, and once before working out. Takes the edge off tiredness during workout and post workout pain is reduced. Mixes well in a glass but better in a shaker. The berry flavour isn't bad, easy enough to drink, will probably order the unflavoured next time.

Performance Prime


Having used some of the best (and worst) pre-workouts on the market and having a cupboard so full of supplements that my local pharmacist would be proud of, I think I stand in good stead reviewing Prime. I opted for the Fruit Fusion flavour and in a somewhat cavalier attitude on Sunday decided 2 scoops would be fine. Firstly I can safely say that Prime has succeeded in being the only thing I have ever come across to be as bitter as my ex-girlfriend. I expect it is purely down to me not putting enough water in it though! Once I got past the overwhelming explosion of the Bahamas in my mouth, I headed into the gym and began my warmup. My workout went great, Prime fuelled what can only be described as a horrendously sadistic leg workout very well and following from this several more workouts throughout the week. There is very little I can say bad about Prime (unlike my aforementioned ex-girlfriend). I would definitely recommend Prime to any athlete, beginner or seasoned competitor.

Pure iBCAA 4:1:1

Quality Product At A Decent Price

I've been using this for 2 weeks and can see a noticible difference in my muscle mas, also recovery is better not as sore as I used to be, plus my training sessions are better but am taking 10mg before and 10mg after training under instruction from one of the gym instructors, the taste is not to my liking red berry so just have to neck it, a nice citrus flavor would be welcome

Performance Prime

Bang For Your Buck

A good kick without having to spend a fortune on any different pre-workout. I've been paring it with their Performance All-In-One protein and the combination has me powering through sessions. The taste is great abate that it can be pretty sweet with 250ml per 2 scoops, but just add a bit more water :)