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1000 REP Arm Workout!!

Posted on November 20, 2014 by Lee Malone There have been 0 comments

Why do a 1000 REP arm workout? Read why here...

1000 Rep Arm Workout:

Well, with the UKBFF finals finishing a month ago and with winter drawing in a lot of people are turning their attention adding some size to areas they want to improve. One area I’m personally trying to improve is my biceps, being an ectomorph I have elongated muscles so muscles such as biceps need a lot of work to thicken them.

From trying various method of training in the past I’ve decided to do an overload session every 3 weeks having read more about the benefits online. I’ve never tried this method on any body part before but after completing 2 overload sessions I can already see the difference in my arms, both size and strength.


The workout itself is pretty simple; each exercise is performed for 5 sets and 20
reps. There’s 10 exercises so that’s a total of 1,000 reps (500 on biceps and 500 on triceps) now you see why it’s called overload training. You’ll switch each exercise from bis to tris to give them time to rest before the next exercise. Weight wise you want to select a weight that will allow you to complete 20 reps with the final 3-4 being tough.

Warm up:

After 5-10 minutes on a cross trainer perform light EZ curls and tricep extensions on the pulley machine in your gym, keep the weight light and hit 20 light reps to get the blood flowing into your arms.

The Workout:

1, EZ Bar Curls

2, Straight Bar Push Downs

3, Cable Curl

4, Overhead Cable Extensions

5, Dumbell Hammer Curl

6, Skull Crushers

7, Seated Barbell Curl

8, Dumbbell Kickbacks

9, EZ Bar Reverse Curls

10, Bench Dips

Have a look on the Bodybuilding Warehouse YouTube page to see me performing the workout, I’ve filmed every 4th set of the workout and as you can see it gets tough towards the end but the end results are certainly worth it.

Recommended supps! Performance Protein V2

For a workout like this, we recommend a preworkout like Warrior RAGE, Some iBCAAs during your workout and a hit of Performance Protein post workout!

So there you have it, perform this workout every 3 – 4 weeks lowering the reps and set the weeks in between to give yourself time to recover. Personally for me I like to perform this workout on a reefed day when I’ve increased my carbs before and after the session.

Let us know how you got on with the workout @bodybuildingw and @Lee_Malone on twitter.

By Lee Malone

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