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Monthly Archives: December 2012

  • How to deal with setbacks

    Posted on December 18, 2012 by Ollie 'Ojay' Matthews

    When we are dealt certain setbacks it can be easy to get down, think the world has ended and all is lost. Try not to get upset and emotional about the setback that has happened instead stop, take a step back and reflect. Think about the thing that has actually happened and how you are [...]

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  • Contest Preparation

    Posted on December 12, 2012 by Ryan 'Rhino' Cartwright

    It's been too long...guys!
    How bad do you want it? Some of you say you want it...but until your back is against the wall, shit hits the fan and everything is needed to be sacrificed in order for you to take this journey you started years ago, can you really answer that question?
    The journey always started [...]

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