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Monthly Archives: September 2013

  • Phil Heath Wins Mr Olympia 2013

    Posted on September 30, 2013 by BBWarehouse

    Phil Heath takes the Mr Olympia Crown
    The Mr Olympia title has been chased down and captured by bodybuilding legends such as  Arnold Schwarzenegger, Ronnie Coleman, Lee Haney and Jay Cutler but it was two time defending champion, Phil Heath, who wowed the judges and gained the honour of the 2013  Mr. Olympia title for the [...]

    This post was posted in News and was tagged with Bodybuilding, mr olympia, Phil Heath, Phil the gift heath

  • Cortisol: Is The Stress Hormone Holding You Back?

    Posted on September 28, 2013 by BBWarehouse

    Cortisol - The stress hormone and its effects 

    Cortisol is a hormone within the body which is responsible for stress. We need cortisol to help trigger our body to go in to a relaxing state after stressful situations. Cortisol levels increase when we get stressed and in our everyday modern life stress and tension are very [...]

    This post was posted in News and was tagged with cortisol, Stress, weight loss

  • What can magnesium supplements do for you?

    Posted on September 27, 2013 by Ollie 'Ojay' Matthews

    What can magnesium supplements do for you?
    Magnesium is something a lot of people will have heard of and will no doubt have memories from science lessons back in the school days but can magnesium supplements do anything for you?
    Magnesium is actually something that is vital for our bodies to work and helps us towards our [...]

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  • New Money Saving, Body Building Stacks

    Posted on September 26, 2013 by BBWarehouse

    After listening to what our customers wanted, we decided to add some great new stacks to the site. Each new stack saves you money and will help you achieve your goals! You can also find the rest of our stacks live on site now!

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  • Generation Iron - Bodybuilding Is Back On Screen

    Posted on September 25, 2013 by BBWarehouse

    Generation Iron - Bodybuilding is back on the big screen

    If you like lifting weights and training hard, then it is more than likely that you will have seen the cult film ‘Pumping Iron’. If you haven’t... What rock have you been living under?
    ‘Pumping Iron’ is one of the most iconic bodybuilding films in history and [...]

    This post was posted in News and was tagged with arnold schwarzenegger, Dennis Wolf, Generation Iron, Kai Greene, Phil Heath, Pumping Iron

  • Body Transformation: Nathan Kearney

    Posted on September 24, 2013 by BBWarehouse

    Statistics – Before : After
    Age: 18 - 19  Weight: 123kg - 84kg Waist: 42”- 32” Bodyfat: 33% - 8%
    We all have fitness goals which we set ourselves and reaching them can feel like an uphill struggle at times.  The bigger the goal, the harder it can be to reach and a little motivation along the way can make [...]

    This post was posted in News and was tagged with body transformation, lose fat, weight loss

  • Sweet Potato Chips Recipe

    Posted on September 23, 2013 by Lee Malone

    Sweet potato chips recipe
    Lee Malone shows you how to mix up your carb intake with this great sweet potato chips recipe.
    A fundamental carb source in most peoples diets are sweet potatoes, if you have a spare 5 minutes in the evening try this sweet potato chips recipe to mix things up.I personally prep these after the gym for my [...]

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  • Kettlebell Training: Part 1

    Posted on September 19, 2013 by Ollie 'Ojay' Matthews

    Benefits of Kettlebell training 
    Another week closer to gains and another week where I’ve had some frustrations and things that may change that path towards my overall goal of being the best I can be again on the stage. Got me thinking, what other sorts of training are there out there which will allow us to [...]

    This post was posted in Athletes and was tagged with kettlebell, Training, weights

  • Competing in UKBFF

    Posted on September 17, 2013 by Anita Roberts

    My first experience competing in UKBFF
    After 4 months of preparing to compete in UKBFF, which included a strict training regime and nutrition plan, I was ready to hit the UKBFF stage. The welsh championships which were held in Port Talbot was a sell-out show and guaranteed to bring a lot of people together, including family [...]

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  • Cardio To Build Muscle

    Posted on September 15, 2013 by BBWarehouse

    Use cardiovascular exercise to build muscle
    There seems to be a constant debate flying around the fitness world, whether it is in gyms, on forums and various websites and magazines. Everyone has their own opinion and what works for some people doesn’t work for others. There is somewhat of a love hate relationship that people often [...]

    This post was posted in News and was tagged with Build Muscle, Cardio

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