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4 Weeks of A Body Transformation

Posted on February 4, 2015 by BBWarehouse There have been 0 comments

Want to know what it looks like to complete 4 weeks of an honest Body Transformation? Take a look at Louise & Jamie's progress pics and read their story here...

Monday signaled the start of Week 5 of the Body Transformation Challenge and as well as celebrating the half way point, we also caught up BBWarehouse's Louise and Jamie to see how they have been getting on.

Read their progress, after 4 full weeks of the body transformation challenge, below;

Lets hear from Jamie

We are halfway through the 10 week transformation and things are going well. I've been training really hard over the past month, as well as keeping on top of my diet. I've been training 5-6 days a week, both weight training and cardio training and i've been working on my abs 3 days a week. From now until the end of the 10th week I hope to see more change in my physique, both in terms of losing body fat and building more muscle.

I'm still motivated to do as well as I can and even though it's hard work (especially the diet) I am enjoying the challenge and looking forward to the next few weeks ahead and hopefully seeing some gains.

GOAL: Improve definition and build muscle

Lets hear from Louise

Week 3 & 4 have been quite tough for me but I guess I’m not the only person feeling this way!  I have kept my training levels up and tried to fit more HIIT training into my workout but my diet has fallen by the waist side slightly and some days I know I haven’t eaten to help my weightloss; so my aim over the next 2 weeks is to eat more fat burning foods, so that it aides rather than hampers my weight loss.

I think I have become obsessed with what I see on the scales so I am attempting to not check these everyday from now on.  I have had some really positive comments from people who have noticed a change, so that is quite motivating and keeps me on track.

I am aiming to try and stay positive no matter what, as I have noticed that I can link my cravings to my mood but my desire to hit my goals keeps me going!

Progress measurements date Louise: 4.17kg weight loss | 4cm loss from hips | 9cm loss from back | 2cm loss from glutes | 4cm loss from chest

GOAL: Weight loss and improved body tone

Progress Pics



As you can see from the progress pictures, both Jamie and Louise have continued to make great progress during the first half of the transformation challenge! As we enter the 5th week, now is the time for us all to shift it up a gear and we wish everyone the best of luck for the final stretch!

By Bodybuilding Warehouse

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