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Accelerate Gains With Strongman Training!

Posted on June 24, 2014 by BBWarehouse There have been 0 comments

You only have to look at strongman athletes to see their sheer power, strength and size. But are their methods of training just for big, strong, bulky athletes?

Modified Strongman Training to accelerate your gains!

Strongman training methods can be used by people of all levels and are great for overall body development. There are a massive array of exercises available to choose from depending on what your goal may be.

One of the best benefits of strongman training is the metabolic hit it gives. Using a lot of muscle groups, joints and muscle fibres, some of the strongman exercises will give you a massive bang for your buck! These methods can be used for strength gain, lean muscle mass, fat loss, athletic performance and active recovery. They are also a great way to finish a workout, a simple exercise or a circuit would supply enough of metabolic hit to induce great fat burning effects.  You could also add Performance Diet Whey along side your routine to further induce lean gains or a pre workout like Performance Prime to ensure that you go hard!

When it comes to exercise selection there are so many to choose from. The majority are imitations of movement patterns we do in everyday life, such as carrying, pushing and pulling. With this in mind, anyone looking to improve their body composition could benefit from a selection of strongman exercises in their routines.

Farmers walk – An exercise which involves carrying an object in each hand for a set distance/time. These are great for over all body development. Try sticking your own bodyweight in each hand and see how far you can get!
strong man training

Sled drag – The sled drag has two variations, one which is lower body dominant
and one which is upper body dominant. The traditional sled drags involves keeping the upper body tight, leaning back and taking the weight through the legs. The arm over arm drag is a great exercises for developing the entire upper body.

Tyre flips – Smash your body to pieces by flipping a big ass tractor tyre. Involving pretty much everything head to toe the tyre flip serves as a great finisher at the end of a workout. Tyres are also very versatile you can drag them, flip them, hit them, deadlift etc.

Loading eventsLoading can be done with a variety of equipment but most famously, the atlas stones. Probably the trade mark event in strongman. Loading requires an object to be lifted and or carried over a set distance and placed onto a platform. These are great for functional movement patterns as day to day life often requires lifting and moving objects. Kegs, sandbags, dumbbells and kettlebells are all great objects to be loading.

Prowler push Love or hate the prowler, you cannot deny its workout capacity. strongman training Load it up and push it for distance or time. Developing lower body power and strength, the prowler is a big test of fitness. A great tool for active recovery too.

All these exercises can be done separately or can be done is a circuit styled fashion. Consider one of these exercises as a finisher to a workout, to accelerate conditioning, strength and power.


By Lou Brierley  Follow me on twitter @LouBrierr

On behalf of Bodybuilding Warehouse

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