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Alternative Leg Workout

Posted on May 22, 2015 by Jason Law There have been 0 comments

I've been playing about with different ways to shock the legs recently. We use our legs every day, so I am a strong believer that our legs need to be hit harder than any other muscle.

An alternative leg workout to stimulate growth!

They need to be shocked in different ways to stimulate growth, so try these tips and give this alternative leg workout a try and watch the gains come.
Before I go through the workout I’d like to list a few tips for legs that I have found work very well for me.


Tip 1 - Heavy Leg Press!
This is an exercise you can really throw some weight on and unlike squats I find the chances of injury are a lot less, so make sure some really heavy leg presses are in your workouts.

Tip 2 - TUT
Time under tension, take exercises like leg extensions. These are ones I find benefit massively from ensuring a good amount of time is spent under tension, keep the weight high but perhaps not so high that you cannot achieve a few seconds under tension in each leg workoutdirection.
Tip 3 - Hamstrings
The legs are not just your quads! Do not neglect the hamstrings, not only will this restrict growth but it can lead to all sorts of postural problems down the line.

Ok so the alternative leg workout, you may have tried the world famous bicep 21’s before, this is where you split the set into 3 sections of 7 reps, the lower phase of the exercise, the upper and the full phase. Now what we are going to do is apply this to every exercise of our leg workout once a month. For example start with leg press, 7 half reps of the bottom phase, 7 half reps of the top phase and then 7 full reps, repeat this for 3 complete sets.

The workout!
Leg press
Leg extensions
Laying hamstring curls
Straight leg deadlifts
Smith Squats
Finish with normal walking lunges until failure.

Get this workout a go, grab some Performance Charge and let the gains begin!

By Jason Law

Bodybuilding Warehouse

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