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Are fat burners worth taking?

Posted on February 22, 2013 by Kieran Fisher There have been 0 comments

Ever wondered if fat burners are really worth taking?

Fat Burners and the facts:

A lot of people will often say, the only 2 ingredients you need to burn fat are:

1)      A good diet, and

2)      A good training plan.

This is true – if you do your early morning cardio, and your weights in the evening, plus reduce your carbs and keep your protein high, you will lose fat. However, a fat burner can and does still help. How? Because it’ll help control your appetite, give you a nice energy boost whilst dieting, and boost your metabolic rate slightly so you get better (and faster) results with the fat burner than without. In other words, you will lose fat faster, and easier with one than without.

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How does a fat burner help with appetite?

Your body has a baseline – say it uses 3000 calories per day to maintain its present size, and you’re looking to lose weight, you’ll need to either increase your energy expenditure through additional exercise, or cut your calories. Either way that’ll mean you end up taking in (eating) less calories than your body WANTS and needs to stay the same size.

This will result in 2 things – fat loss, and HUNGER. A hungry person is a grumpy person, and many fat burners include in them appetite control ingredients that’ll help ease hunger pangs and make you less prone to temptation. I know a lot of competitive bodybuilders weigh out their food and know the grams in every meal, but the vast majority of gym goers don’t. Most of us enjoy exercise as a great, healthy hobby we do after we finish work or early in the morning. We’ll eat healthy and focus on getting in lean meat, fresh fruit and vegetables, and EFAs, but we don’t weigh and measure our food and often just don’t have the time if you’re working long hours every week.

This means that the casual gym goer is prone to over eating – we’re hungry, we’re bored, we want to snack. A good fat burner will reduce that temptation and make it much easier to stick to the lower calories.


What about energy?

Whilst you’re doing more exercise and / or eating less you’ll often feel tired. This is just something you often have to deal with when dieting. I know when I’ve been dieting before I’ve often done an hour weights in the evening, and 45 minutes cardio every morning. That combined with an 11hr working day, and social time with family, tires you out. By taking a fat burner first thing in the morning around 7am, and again when you feel that natural “lull” around 3pm, you get a great pick-me-up that keeps energy levels high throughout the day.


And results?

You’ll already be doing exercise to boost energy expenditure, and metabolic rate (metabolic conditioning is a great style of training by the way), however many fat burners also have useful stimulants included within them that will boost base-metabolic rate even further. What does that mean? It means that your body will use MORE calories, doing what you would do anyway, WITH the fat burner than without. It’s hard to put a percentage increase or improvement on this, but let’s say it’s 3%. If it was 3% then a person who uses 3000 calories per day as a baseline would use an extra 90 calories per day with a good fat burner. 90 calories is about 2 apples – so fairly significant.

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If you want to save money, you can lose weight with just diet and exercise alone, however you’ll get better – and faster results – by including a fat burner into your regime. A good fat burner like Warrior Blaze Reborn will:

-          Reduce appetite – helping you snack and cheat on your diet less

-          Increase energy – making dieting easier

-          Increase base metabolic rate – increasing the calories your body uses every day

Does that mean it’s worth taking a fat burner? Definitely – you get better results in less time. Who doesn’t want that?


By Kieran Fisher

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