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Are Sports Supplements For You?

Posted on July 23, 2014 by Ollie 'Ojay' Matthews There have been 0 comments

In the world of health and fitness the word ‘Sport Supplements’ can mean so many different things and there are different opinions from person to person as well as sport to sport.  This has been further confused after some media stories highlighting cases concerning competitors failing drug tests and wrongly the banned substance as a supplement. It is performance enhancing drugs that are actually making these athletes fail those said tests.

So many people think that sport supplements are JUST for BODYBUILDERS. I suppose the marketing on many products doesn't always help but this is NOT THE CASE.

Supplements will INCREASE YOUR PERFORMANCE whilst taking part in many different events.

I ask you this question, in fact two questions, in the eyes of a cyclist for example.

Are supplements ESSENTIAL for increasing performance?sports supplements


Is that Carbon fiber frame ESSENTIAL for increasing performance?

The answer to both of these questions would actually be no, but they both WILL HELP YOU BE YOUR BEST. This cannot be disputed.



How would certain supplements help you?

  • Decrease fatigue
  • Increase strength
  • Increase power
  • Increase alertness and agility
  • Reduced injuries
  • Increase recovery capabilities


Take an amino acid supplement like Bodybuilding Warehouse Performance Excel, this is vital in aiding your body through the workouts and training sessions required to increase performance. It is one of the vital ingredients in stopping endurance athletes hitting that wall time after time. Simply taking on hydration with water is not enough in this competitive world that we live.

A simple tasty protein shake like Pure Whey 80 is going to drive vital protein into
the muscles after you workout in order to fuel the next session! This is getting you ready for the next session and event immediately after you finish the last one.

Don’t forget carbohydrates! So many endurance athletes I have spoken to have told me of a ‘bloat’ sort of cramped feeling when taking on board some glucose
cyclingsupplements, this is due to not having enough water on board and needing a lot of blood to make sure the supplement is fully absorbed. Now we have cyclic dextrin, which you can mix with  Pepto Pro, for a spot on carbohydrate source to pop into your drink bottle whilst doing a long distance event like cycling. This amazing combo will not cause bloat through your ride and it will only help you smash that so called wall and hit PB after PB.

We could go on with the list but what I’m getting at is, sports supplements are for SPORTS not just bodybuilders. So whether footballer, rugby player, runner, triathlete, cyclist, swimmer and so on, there is always a place for supplementation to increase your performance during both training and events.

By Ollie Matthews, Dont forget follow me on Twitter @OJayPT



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