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Are You Forces Fit? - Part 2

Posted on March 17, 2014 by BBWarehouse There have been 0 comments

Check out the fitness tests you would need to pass to get you Armed Forces Fit:

Armed Forces Fit:

Part 2 of Are You Forces Fit looks at the preliminary fitness tests to get you into our Armed Forces. Part 1 of Are You Forces Fit looked at the necessary fitness levels for our Emergency Services and we suspect that things are about to get tougher... So, make sure you have your prework to hand, we recommend something super strong like Warrior Rage and test your fitness; as we ask are you Forces Fit?



The British Army test your fitness over a two-day selection process which tests strength and stamina.

The test consists of;

The Static lift:  You must lift a 40 kg weighted bag to a height of 1.45m.

The Jerry Can: Carry two 20kg  water containers over a set course of 120 metres in under two minutes.

Press-ups: Hit a minimum of 44 Press-ups in two minutes.

Sit-ups:  A minimum of 50 sit-ups in two minutes.

The Mile & A Half: Run 2 .4 km in under 10 mins

So are you Army Fit?


The pre joining Royal NAVY fitness tests involve completing a 1.5 mile run on a treadmill within a set time based on your age and gender. Could you hit these times?


Age 15 - 24: 11 mins 13 secs
Age 25 - 29: 11 mins 38 secs
Age 30 - 34: 12 mins 08 secs
Age 35 - 39: 12 mins 34 secs


Age 15 - 24: 13 mins 15 secs
Age 25 - 29: 13 mins 50 secs
Age 30 - 34: 14 mins 28 secs
Age 35 - 39: 15 mins 09 secs

If you want to pit yourself against those who aim to become Royal Navy Divers then you will have to finish your run in less than 10 minutes 30 seconds regardless of your age and gender.

The grueling Royal Marines and Royal Marines Reserves go through a grueling 32 week selection course but prior to this ultimate man test, you will have to set your treadmill at an incline of 2% and complete two 2.4km runs (1.5 miles). To pass you need to do your first run in less than 12 minutes 30 seconds and then complete your second 2.4km run immediately afterwards in less than 10 minutes! Regardless of your age.


The test to join the air force is a treadmill run of 2.4 Km run completed within an allocated time and  a number of press-ups and sit-ups must also be done. The time limits vary depending on your age and gender.

As a guide, if you are aged between 17 and 29, you have to complete you 2.4 Km in:

Men: 11 minutes and 11 seconds with 20 press-ups and 35 sit-ups

 Women: 13 minutes and 23 seconds with 10 and 32 respectively.

So are you fit enough to pass this military pre selection tests? 

Next week we take a look at the all Arms Commando Course and ask if you are fit enough to pass one of the hardest courses in the armed forces.

By Bodybuilding Warehouse


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