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Are You Forces Fit?

Posted on February 17, 2014 by BBWarehouse There have been 0 comments

If you watched the news or read any newspapers last week, it was hard to escape the news that nearly 400 police officers failed a compulsory fitness test.  This got us thinking about the tests for both our emergency services and armed forces and since we like to challenge ourselves and our customers we thought we'd note the fitness tests and ask ARE YOU FORCES FIT?

Fitness Tests:

Police Fitness Test The Police fitness test is set up to test endurance and


To pass the endurance section you need to run to level 5.4 on the endurance shuttle run.  The shuttle run is similar to the bleep test that you no doubt had to do at High School.


To pass the strength element, you must perform 5 seated chest presses that average above 34kg and 5 dyno pulls that average above 35kg.

There you have it, that is the level of fitness needed to become a police offer. So are you Police fit?


Firefighter Fitness Test

To be fit enough to fight fires you must complete 6 Physical tests.

1. The Ladder Climb: Firefighter hopefuls must climb a 13.5m (45 foot) fire and rescue service ladder wearing full kit which weighs around 10kg.

2. The Casualty Evacuation: To pass this crucial part of the test, you are required to walk backwards (guided by a safety officer) pulling a 55kg (8½ stone) dummy around 3 sides of a 10m square.  This is a timed exercise so the faster the better!

3. Ladder Lift / Lower Simulation:  To pass the ladder lift you must lift a load of 30 kg, to a height of 1.90m.

4. Enclosed Spaces test: This section of the test is more about your mental strength and ability to deal with confined spaces but it will also test your memory, flexibility and spacial awareness. Hopefuls must wear full protective gear and crawl through a small passage with clear vision. Once they reach halfway their vision is obscured and they must retrace their steps back to the start.

5. Equipment Assembly: This one is all about dexterity. Could you assemble and dissemble a piece of kit in a short space of time?

6. Equipment Carry: Finally, the equipment carry test which will require aerobic fitness, stamina and muscular strength. Wannabe fire fighters must drag a hose reel for 25 metres, then jog back. They must then carry 2 hoses for 100 metres, then 1 hose at chest height for 25 metres and then jog 75 metres. Next comes the 100m dash carrying a 2.4 meter suction hose with a return jog, finishing with a 100m dash carrying a 30kg pump.

Do you think you are fit enough to become a Firefighter?


Paramedic Fitness Test

The Paramedic fitness test is separated into 4 parts and aims to test your aerobic fitness, your back and grip strength and flexibility.

1. Aerobic capacity: The test consists of one minute of stepping up and down a 30cm step. Following the one minute of steps, you must commence one minute of chest compression on a manikin. After this activity, your maximal heart rate will be tested – it shouldn't exceed 90% of your maximum heart rate value. This is calculated by the formula (220 – age) x 0.9. Your heart rate should then fall by 12 beats a minute over the next 2 minutes. Finally, your heart rate is expected to be 120 beats per minute or less by the end of the 2 minute recovery period.   If this doesn't happen, you will fail the aerobic test!

forces fit

2. Back Strength: To pass this element, you must achieve a pull of 100 kg.

3. The Grip Test: If your grip strength is above 31kg in your dominant hand and 30 kg in your non dominant hand, then you pass this element.

4. Flexibility: Prospective paramedics are tested on their hamstring and lower back flexibility. This involves sitting on the floor with your legs straight and touching your toes.

Are you Paramedic fit?


So how do you think you would get on during any of the Emergency Services fitness tests above?  Make sure your own health is battle ready with this Warrior Defence Stack

By Bodybuilding Warehouse

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