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Batman V Superman Workout

Posted on April 21, 2016 by BBWarehouse There have been 0 comments


Batman V Superman has been dominating the global box office since it's release, picking up around $30 million worldwide. The amount of money and hard work that goes into such a big production is impressive, but what we really want to show you is the awesome dedication to working out for the role that came from two of Hollywood's most respected actors.



In the midst of discussions with Batman V Superman Director Zack Snyder, both Ben & Henry knew that this wasn't your average film role. They knew the pressure they were under to make sure they were in the shape of their life to fulfill the role. Let's take a look at the grueling routine that both Ben and Henry had to go through to make this film such an undeniable success.

Firstly, Ben Affleck's workout. This required two completely different routines. First, Affleck has to get big for his role with an intense muscle-building workout. Once that phase was complete, he used a fat-burning routine to make sure he shredded his fat quickly! Ben wore an epic new Batman suit in this film but his aim was to show off his muscles along with it. These are the routines that helped him shape the body to form how we saw Batman in this long anticipated battle.

Workout Abs

Ben Affleck
Monday Workout (Weights)

Weights Workout

Tuesday Cardio
After Ben's epic weights workout on Monday, he then moves his focus on to cardio and abs. The day would consist of the following workout to maintain a fat-burning metabolism:

✔ Low-Intensity, 30-60 minutes cardio at an easy pace (AM)
✔ High-Intensity (HIIT) cardio workout (PM) The Jonestown Sprint, Tail Pipe Workout, Dirty 30’s or The Sparrow’s Dozen. (pick one)

Abs Workout

✔ 60 Sit Ups
✔ 60 V-Ups
✔ 60 Reverse Crunches

Wednesday Weights

Wednesday Weights

Thursday Workout
After smashing his Wednesday weights, Ben's trainer would make his switch back to cardio which would consist of:

✔ Low-Intensity, 30-60 minutes cardio at an easy pace (AM)
✔ High-Intensity (HIIT) cardio workout (PM) The Jonestown Sprint,Tail Pipe Workout, Dirty 30’s or The Sparrow’s Dozen. (pick one)

Abs Workout

✔ 60 Sit Ups
✔ 60 V-Ups
✔ 60 Reverse Crunches

Friday Power Workout
Friday's workout would consist of power and endurance. It's more commonly known as the "55 workout" and is as intense as it sounds. You would do 55 reps of 5 different exercises in a circuit format.

Friday Power Workout


Saturday Cardio
Saturday would be Ben's third cardio day of the week after his power training on the previous day. The day consists of the same routine that the other two cardio days entail but without the abs this time:

✔ Low-Intensity, 30-60 minutes cardio at an easy pace (AM)
✔ High-Intensity (HIIT) cardio workout (PM) The Jonestown Sprint,Tail Pipe Workout, Dirty 30’s or The Sparrow’s Dozen. (pick one)

Sunday Rest Day
For this role, Ben would often take Sunday to have his rest day which is imperative to anyone's training. You need to ensure that you give your body chance to recover and chance for your muscles to repair. When his trainer really wanted to push it and up his training, they would whack in some cardio on this day too.

Ben Affleck used personal trainer to the stars Walter Norton to get him in the phenomenal shape he needed and as you can tell he had to work extremely hard and push himself to his physical limit to get the look required.

Both Ben and Henry had to push themselves to get in the shape they both dreamed of for the epic roles they were playing, but both had to take slightly different approaches due to the differences that they wanted to achieve. Henry really wanted to make sure that he focused on his chest, shoulders, and legs as he was leading up to the shirtless scenes.

Henry Caville
Monday Strength Workout
In the following routine, the wall squats, air squats and goblet squats are all part of the leg warm up. Henry needed to focus on his technique, posture and get the blood flowing to his legs.Monday Strength*The percentages of your deadlift are based on your “max” lift – the maximum weight you think you could lift, if you only had to do it once. For the rowing interval training, the goal is to beat your previous speed in each of the following sets.

Tuesday Cardio Workout
Cavill would use his recovery days to do a 60 minute cardio workout. This kind of workout ensures your bodies metabolism is increasing:

✔  Jogging/Rowing/Swimming
✔  Bike Riding/Elliptical/Treadmill

*A long cardio workout can often get boring. It's always good to add something to it to make it fun and interesting for you. You could listen to music, an audio book or you could even just switch it up every 15 minutes to keep things interesting. It's important that you enjoy your training so look up alternative switch ups.

Wednesday Barbell Workout
Power training enables an athlete to apply the greatest amount of their maximal strength in the shortest period of time. With the following workout, do all 5 exercises without ever letting go of the barbell. Make sure you only rest after you've done 1 set of 5 of each exercise.

Wednesday Barbell

The first 5 exercises require a barbell but you can use a dumbbell if you don't have a barbell to hand. The super-set is all done together, as circuit training. This means you do one set of each exercise, then immediately move onto the next exercise.

After each super-set you need to make sure that you rest for 2 minutes and then repeat the super-set until you've reached the total of 5 sets.

Thursday Cardio Workout
Thursday is cardio day. Henry would do a 60 minute cardio workout, at low-intensity choosing from one of the following aerobic activities:

✔ Jogging/Swimming
✔ Bike Riding/Rowing
✔ Elliptical/Treadmill

*If you do this then your focus when it comes to cardio activity should be to do this at an easy pace. When you stay at a low pace it then reduces the amount of cortisol that the body secretes. This is the hormone that is responsible for you body storing fat, so for better results just enjoy yourself.

Friday strength Workout
The Friday workout for Cavill would focus solely on strength training. Both Henry and his trainer Mark wanted to show off Cavill's shoulders to add to the 'superhero' look that they were trying so hard to obtain. Mark Twight, Cavills trainer said:


So to get that look, Cavill used Fridays to do 2 supersets. The first superset is for the upper body and core, doing a 'ladder' routine. The second superset then focus' on all three parts of the shoulders.

*if you find push ups too easy, then just use a weighted vest for a bigger challenge.

Friday Strength Workout

So you do 10 of each exercise, then 9, then 8, etc. moving down to 1 rep of each exercise. Immediately after doing a complete circuit then just do the entire ladder again but with one less rep this time. When you're getting used to this routine rest when needed.

Saturday Power Workout
Cavill used endurance and power training for the last day of his weekly routine. This part of his intense training regime combines together weightlifting, aerobic and compound movements. This would have helped him completely shred away that fat.

Saturday Power Workout

During the shoulder press exercise, start out by solely engaging your upper body and shoulders. When you become fatigued in this exercise, engage your lower body and use your legs to give you the strength you need.

FLR stands for Front Leaning Rest (proper form requires being at the top of push up position, arms locked out, holding a solid plank of your core). For the FLR Hold and Pull Ups, ‘Max’ means, until failure, or 1 minute.

Both of these intense workouts aren't for the faint hearted so if you give trage HRhem a go make sure you take rest when needed. They're epic workouts that will get you building muscle or shredding excess fat in no time. If you need the extra boost for losing that fat or are struggling with your energy levels, it may be beneficial to you to add a pre-workout or fat burner into your routine. Warrior Rage is one of the most powerful, most effective, and most results driven pre-workouts on the market, and now, it's even better value so perfect for you to give a go.
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Dawn of Justice

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