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BBWTransform Kim & Steve: Week 2

Posted on January 16, 2014 by BBWarehouse There have been 0 comments

With the first week of the Body Transformation challenge over and week 2 in full swing, Kim and Steve tell us how they have got on and what challenges they have faced.

How they're getting on:




Lets hear from Kim:

So as week two commences and my chesty cough has finally cleared I am left with no 'excuses' as to why I am unable to train properly. Nothing other than that I am feeling incredibly tired by the time it gets round to hitting the gym.  I run through every excuse possible with myself as to why I can't go. The team suggested I try a pre workout to combat the tiredness but i'm not a fan as they are quite stim based. I'm going to give Performance Prime a whirl and see how I get on. My diet has remained pretty clean, which for me is some what of a miracle and I am focusing on good fats, high protein and lower carbs than what I am used to. I've lost 3lbs in the first week so I am hoping to start building some muscle and get my guns into
action! I do have a confession to make though... I fell of the alcohol ban truck and rolled straight into a bottle of red vino on Sunday afternoon... whoops!  I am trying to keep my workout varied, one night I will go to the gym and then next I'll go for an outdoor run. I also tried broccoli and eggs for breakfast earlier this week and I have to say NEVER again, broccoli in a morning is just wrong... I'll stick to my eggs and Diet Whey! The #BBWTransform has definitely helped with my motivation with all you other Transformers going through the same things. My goal now is to increase intensity in training and push myself harder ... no more excuses, no more arguments with myself, just focus!

Kim :)

Lets hear from Steve:

So it’s been 10 days since we started this body transformation and I’ll be honest with you I’m tired. I’ve been hitting the training hard and have really cut down on how much I eat and my body can tell. It’s a struggle getting up in the morning and I’m always tired throughout the day.

I’ve found getting back into the training the most enjoyable part of this and I’ve been trying out new things to keep it interesting. I’ve started a self defence class on Mondays which is actually a lot harder than it sounds, I was very aware of how unfit I was after my first session. I’m also back playing football slowly getting back to full match fitness after my ankle injury and have also joined the crazy gang that is crossfit with my first session last
Saturday. If I become one of those crossfitters who talks about nothing but crossfit from now on I give you all permission to let me know about it in no uncertain terms. I really enjoyed my first session having trained most of my life on my own in the gym, my friends are not really what you would call fitness fans, It was really nice having that group situation where you can really push yourself against everyone else and in the future against your own scores.

With the training side of things going so well I have to admit I’m struggling a bit more with the eating. I think the thing I find the hardest is keeping the food interesting and something I enjoy eating while still being healthy. It’s taking a lot of forward planning and I have never been good at that when it comes to food. Its like when you are growing up and your mum asks you what you want for dinner when you have just eaten your lunch! How do I know what I want to eat later… I’m full?! Well anyway that is definitely something I need to work on and hopefully after that I can really reap the rewards and not feel so tired all the time.

Finally I would like to mention that I have given up drink for the 8 weeks which i have found ok so far. The only issue I have found is when I am out with my friends they find themselves funnier and funnier the drunker they all get but when I’m out with them and I’m sober I have noticed that they really get less and less funny. I guess that’s my problem though as they are all having fun and if I was drinking I would probably be worse than they are… I do think I’m a pretty funny guy but I make myself laugh plenty anyway. I hope a few of my issues echo what others are going through, I think it’s nice to know that others are going through the same thing and using #BBWTransform makes it easy. If you are not seeing results yet stick to it things like this take a bit of time and effort and you won’t change overnight good luck to everyone involved I’ll let you know how I’m getting on again next week.

Cheers Steve

By Bodybuilding Warehouse





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