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Bigger Back Workout

Posted on May 9, 2014 by BBWarehouse There have been 0 comments

Over the next couple of months I am going to look at bringing you guys some videos on how I am bringing up my body in different areas through this off season.  I will be working with my coach and also coaching my clients too.  This week we start with the Bigger Back Workout!

Starting off with back training we hit various exercises to improve your back, each with a certain aim of what we want to achieve with the movement.  Click here to watch the session.



Exercise Session:

Close grip pulldowns – This is a warm exercise but also gets blood into the lats, making sure we are pulling from the lats and ideally not the arms. 4 sets here of around 10 reps.

DB Rows – It is always good to have some sort of row included in a workout. Use a full bigger back workoutstretch and contraction to have the heavy movement for the workout and smash the back a bit before we get more pump and contraction. 4 sets of 10 reps again.

Assisted Chins with a wide grip – Really squeeze the lats down hard to get a massive contraction and pumping the lats up ready for take off! 4 sets of 10 again.

DB Pullovers – Work the stretch again for a big pump! 4 sets of 10

Banded hyper extensions – This move is a great finisher for the back.  Go to failure each time.

Keeping it simple but hitting the intensity really hard. This is one of two back workouts that I do per week now and I have my nutrition on point. The structure of my workouts and my supplements allow me to recover and actually train 7 days per week! For this workout, I used Warrior Rage Pre workout. Intra workout,  I had a mix of cyclic dextrin along with PeptoPro.

Next time I will be dropping a blog post on arms; showing you how I train some sets with occlusion training.

Keep gaining!

By Ollie

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