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Bigger calf muscles part 2

Posted on August 6, 2013 by Ollie 'Ojay' Matthews There have been 0 comments

This is the second Part to a 3 Part Guide on how get to get those calf muscles to the size you want...

Week 2 on the quest to bigger calf muscles 


Last week I gave you the first of a three part guide to getting bigger calf muscles which you can read by clicking HERE. Now for part 2 on annihilating your calf muscles into growth.

As said previously I train calves at least three times per week doing each of the three routines at least once and have seen fantastic results and bigger calf muscles!

For the second routine you can use either a standing calf raise or a seated calf raise machine, each set will comprise of three parts as explained below.


Part one, shoulders under pads using the machine as normal.
Part two, pads up high and feet off the ledge using body weight to perform full contraction and stretches.
Part three, on the flats of your feet using the machine for support only if needed pushing up contracting the calf muscles by going up on your toes using body weight.

calf raises

10 reps as much as you can manage under the pads, normal full contraction and stretch reps, immediately lift the pads and continue for another 15 reps body weight off the ledge of the machine, following this hop off the machine, onto flat feet and continue with 25 body weight repetitions onto your tip toes fully controlled.
That is one set complete.

During the rest period I always time a stretch of at least 30-45 seconds on each foot before continuing on with the final sets.

Complete three full sets start to finish then, collapse!

As said last week...
I would add you should without fail read my article on getting enough water before doing these as calf cramps are not the most pleasant things.

Next week we will explore a routine on the leg press and the final part in getting you bigger calf muscles! :)

Have fun!

By Ollie Matthews

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