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Body Transformation: 20 days left

Posted on February 11, 2014 by BBWarehouse There have been 0 comments

We catch up with Kim and Steve to see how they are getting on with their body transformation progress.

One thing we noticed as a team this week was the realisation of just how hard this challenge is. We kind of expected it as the half way mark approached and we have worked together to try and spur each other on! Kim has been completing her fasted cardio in the morning despite the awful weather and we have noticed that Steve has switched to some pretty strict lunches!  There is a great article on fat burning tips and tricks here and we hope that they help you boost your results of the next 20 days!


Lets hear from Steve: Ok So I was not impressed with my halfway progress photos as I actually think I looked better in week 2! This has forced me to really look at my diet and knuckle down in these last 4 weeks to get the best results I can. I have officially given up all bread and seem to be surviving off eggs for breakfast tuna for lunch and chicken and veg for dinner. I do miss feeling full but I just keep focused on the end results and it gets me through.

Training has been going really well I love cross fit and getting back to full match fitness in football has left me feeling fantastic even after 90 minutes. I even treated myself to a sports massage last week my physio actually said to me my posterior chain is “a mess” but after an hour of them battering it, it finally loosened up and training has gone even better since then. So in short training awesome diet sucks hopefully it all pays off in the end.




Lets hear from Kim: Week 5 is already here and I can't believe how quick it's passed. I
am on a hen do this weekend which is of course going to include 3 days of drinking and eating out... there will be no escaping the evils of it so I'm going to embrace it and make sure as of Monday I am fully back on it as strict as ever for the final two weeks! No matter how much I train I always feel like it isn't enough... always think I should have pushed that bit more and to be honest I probably should. I find it extremely difficult to motivate myself training on my own and once I start getting tired or feeling the pain of the exercises I dwindle off and call it a day! I can see changes in my physique but I am impatient and want results yesterday. I feel much leaner and can see a huge improvement in my quads which is great. An area I have lacked on is my core so this will be more of a focus for the next couple of weeks.


By Bodybuilding Warehouse

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