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Emma's Body Transformation Journey

Posted on April 14, 2015 by BBWarehouse There have been 0 comments

I always used to say "I'll never be into fitness and I'll never be thin, my body isn't made that way"

Emma's Body Transformation Journey over the last 16 months

My transformation started just over a year ago... It's strange looking back on photographs of myself from all the way through my 20's; they show me progressively getting bigger and bigger. I've always been tall I am 5 ft 10 inches and have managed to get away with being that bit bigger than others because of my height. It was last year (Jan 2014) looking back on pictures from my mum's 50th birthday party that I felt embarrassed I was wearing a size 16 outfit that was clearly too tight - That was the moment I took charge of my life and body and said to myself  "I'm getting married this year and I need to change".

Emma's Wedding Day

From the beginning of February 2014 I researched a lot of diets and fitness plans and decided I would  use my partners weights and gym equipment at home. This way I saved money on the gym and avoided the fear of being  embarrassed. I have never been sporty and hated cardio so when I began weight training I was so thrilled I enjoyed it.

At first I worried I would get big and bulky and look masculine, when I started to see results I was impressed with how much definition your body can gain through weight training and it's fair to say I was addicted. I wasn't lifting much weight in the beginning but built my strength up by doing low weight and high reps.

After only 4 months I had lost almost 2 stone and feeling great, by the time my Hen party came around I was feeling like a whole new woman and super confident.

I use lots of different online plans and workout regimes so I am changing my workout schedule every 3/4 weeks so my body doesn't plateau.
At the moment I am using an online Bikini Guide which is really easy to read and works your whole body over the course of the week. Each day pretty much consists of some for of HIIT or fasted cardio which I prefer to do in a morning and then with weight training in the evening and each session can last from 45-90 mins.

I changed my eating habits dramatically too. I eat lots of proteinEmma's Guns and high fats: nuts, peanut butter, chicken, protein shakes, almond or coconut milk and cook in coconut oil. I don't eat any white carbs so instead of white pasta and rice we have wholewheat or wholegrain. I eat very often and don't calorie count; just look for high fat and low saturated fat so your body burns it quicker.

I also drink only green tea and have no diary what's so ever but I'm lactose intolerant so suits me fine, but I have a cheat meal once a month to keep cravings at bay and kick start my metabolism again. I also keep myself hydrated with lemon infused water.

Here's my general eating plan.
Morning Pre HIIT  - BBWarehouse Banana Peanut Whey
Breakfast - Weetabix a banana and Almond Milk
10.30am - Chocolate Caramel Peanut Whey
12-1pm chicken and green veg which I prep for the week on a Sunday
3pm - handful of almonds or walnuts
4.30pm - Chocolate Caramel Peanut Whey
6-7pm 40 - 60 mins of weight training
7pm dinner - maybe steak sweet potato's or thai green chicken curry with wholewheat noodles, beef curry and brown rice

And snacks in the day is nuts, natural yoghurt, peanut butter and healthy salted popcorn.

By the time I got married in September 2014 I had lost three stone and felt like a princess. I am proud of how far I came and am so happy I feel good about how I look.

I have found supplements have really helped too, to kick start my weight loss last year I used Warrior Princess Blaze capsules which really boosted my energy levels and helped my metabolism. Now I take:

CLA - 1 capsule 3 times a day
GREEN TEA EXTRACT - 1 upon waking
BCAA - three capsules 3 times a day
Calcium tablets - three capsules daily

Body Transformation

I am now 16 months into my journey and completed the BBWarehouse Body Transformation Challenge this year. I have lost 4 stone and my body fat is down to 16%. Both are huge achievements for me and I am so thrilled I now fit into a size 10.

Ideally I would like less than 10% body fat and I know I may not be there yet but I am sure closer than I was yesterday.

I want my body transformation so far to help motivate and inspire people, you don't need to spend money on PT's and diet plans and pay slimming world to help you stay slim. If you set your mind to something, set your own goals and not compare yourself to anyone else, you can do it!

By Emma Hoe

Bodybuilding Warehouse

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