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Body Transformation Plan | Mike Hoe

Posted on March 25, 2015 by BBWarehouse There have been 0 comments

Are you looking for a body transformation plan? Take a look at Mike Hoes transformation training, diet and supplementation, plus see his results over 10 weeks

Mike Hoe was crowned runner up of the 2015 Body Transformation Competition and we caught up with him to find out what his transformation plan consisted of. Have a read and see if you can pick up some tips for your own body transformation.

Mikes Body Transformation Plan...

My Body Transformation Training 

My training plan for the 10 week Body Transformation was a german volume training plan. This involved weight training on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday all 1st thing in the morning around 6am, picking 3 exercises and performing 10 sets of 10, so on Monday I did 10x10 bench press, 10x10 military press and 10x10 close grip bench press, Wednesday: 10x10 bent over rows, 10x10 preacher curls and 10x10 weighted knee raises. Friday: 10x10 zercher squat, 10x10 Romanian deadlifts and 10x10 standing calve raises. This was all the weight training i did for the 10 weeks and each week I upped the weight by approx 2.5kgs.


I started my cardio on week 3, this involved a 20 minute HIIT workout 4-6 times a week, as I did my weight training in the morning my cardio was done in the afternoon. I did 1 minute of fast skipping and 1minute of knee raises until the 20 minutes elapsed.

My Body Transformation Nutrition

For the first 5 weeks I ensured I ate the right amount of protein and limited my carb and fat sources to good sources(wholemeal oats, almonds, Greek yoghurt) I would aim for a 50 25 25 split hitting about 2300 calories, so u would have around 300 grams of protein and  go from there. As the final 5 weeks approached I put together a plan of carb cycling which involved having 3 sorts of days, low carb, high carb and no carb, this helped my body burn fat as I lost a large percentage of my body fat doing this. My low carb days are the same 50%p 25%c 25%f split, high carb days were 40%p 50%c 10%f, no carb days were a 60/40 split between protein and fat and only eating trace carbs.



 An example of a low carb day

5am -  Performance Protein shake

5.30am - Weight Training

6.30am -  Performance Protein Shake

8am - wheat bisks almond milk +banana

10.30am - 1 tin of tuna, 25gs almonds, 200g Greek yogurt

1pm -  1 chicken breast, 200g kale-broccoli and sugar snaps, 100g Greek yoghurt, 20g almonds

3.30pm - 1 tin tuna, 200g Greek yoghurt, 25g almonds

5pm - 20 mins HIIT

5.20pm - Performance Whey

7pm - Thai Green Chicken Curry Wholemeal Noodles

8:30pm - Premium Protein Tastie

Before bed - Half a portion of Performance Whey


My Body Transformation Supplements

I used many supplements during my body transformation plan. My daily intake was BCAAs 3 times a day, CLA 3 times a day, Omega 3 tablets, calcium and vitamin D tablets and 2 Zinc, Magnesium and B3 tablets just before bed. During the first 8 weeks, I also used TANKED Strike fat burners to kick start my metabolism.

By Mike Hoe

On behalf of Bodybuilding Warehouse

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