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Body Transformation Progress Steps

Posted on January 20, 2014 by Ollie 'Ojay' Matthews There have been 0 comments

So, that resolution, we are a few weeks in, are you still sticking to it or have you caved in to that glass of wine and pizza yet? For all those doing the Body Transformation Challenge , I hope your getting on OK!


I’m hoping the answer is yes you are sticking to it, my fingers are crossed. You’ve worked hard the first couple of weeks, you’ve felt some pain, maybe seen a drop in the scales.

How do you keep motivation up?

From my years of experience in the fitness industry, a lot of those New Year resolution newcomers drop out early. I’ve noticed that the ones who do drop out are expecting a lot in a short space of time. They get demotivated and then quit because they don’t lose a stone in a week.

From my experience, here is how it usually goes:
Week 1: You will lose a lot of ‘weight’ in this first week but sadly it WON’T all be fat. Maybe 1lb or 2lb will be but it will be waste being cleared out, especially if you’ve gone from a real high junk food diet to a new health kick or even if you’ve just done things like cutting out gluten and processed foods – This is inflammation reducing in your whole system, inflammation which has given you ‘weight’ gain. This will take a week or two to sort itself out.

Week 2: With the body sorting itself  out with inflammation, more than likely another lb will be lost, maybe two.

#bbwtransform Week 3: This is where people  get demotivated. Some people will put a lb on this week maybe 2-3lbs but it is through your body becoming MORE EFFICIENT, more energy, more healthy, better sleep, better recovery, more hydrated so holding more water WITHIN THE MUSCLES. This will mean more mass in the form of ‘weight’ on the scales but not fat.

Week 4: This is when we notice what is working, the steady gains now show, some muscle will be built to accommodate the new lifting you have undertaken and also your body will be more efficient at burning fat. Look at the measurements you have taken on day one, measure again, look at progress pictures, take some more. From experience (this is by no mean set in stone fact just my observations) these weeks should continue, yes you will need to tweak your training and diets occasionally but don’t be rash with it, adjust a tiny bit, see how your body responds over a week or two and then evaluate it. Patience and consistency is the key, trust me, you can do it, you can TRANSFORM just be patient, be realistic, get good advice and make sure that you have the BBWTransform supplements to help you along.

Have faith!

By Ollie Matthews

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