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Transformation Results | Winners Story

Posted on March 22, 2015 by BBWarehouse There have been 0 comments

Kyles body transformation results impressed us all and last week he was crowned the 2015 Body Transformation winner. Find his progress pictures and plan here

After 10 weeks of the Body Transformation Challenge, Kyle Thomas was crowned as the Bodybuilding Warehouse 2015 body transformation winner! Kyle's body transformation results impressed us all and we caught up with Kyle to get his transformation story.

Kyle Thomas' Body Transformation Results

I had decided at the end of 2014 that I would enjoy Christmas and then make a big change to my lifestyle and nutrition. For the last 10 years I have trained consistently and played sports but I have also enjoyed eating and drinking whatever I like. For someone who is a big food lover, changing my diet was always going to be a huge challenge, with the help of my good friend, Andy Creed @OptimalPer4m, my nutrition plan was devised. My plan mainly evolved around carb cycling with low, medium and the occasional high refeed day. After 3 weeks I had my first cheat meal and then my nutrition plan changed, the carb cycle continued to change through the weeks incorporating more high carb days with the overall number of carbs gradually increasing.

There wasn't any magic solution to my transformation, my training changed every 4 weeks with the reps being 12-15 week 1, 9-11 week 2, 6-8 week 3 and 2-5 reps week 4. The idea behind this was to aim for progression, with that being measured in week 5 and onwards. I did 4 resistance sessions a week and 30 minutes of cardio on my “rest days”. I split my workouts into Chest & Triceps, Back, Biceps & Abs, Shoulders & Calves and Legs & Abs.  For me this was the most enjoyable and definitely the easiest part of the transformation.

The hardest part was the low carb days, especially at the start of the transformation, I was craving carbs, sugar and all kinds of junk food. However, no matter how hard it was to resist these cravings, I didn’t give in to temptation and within a couple of weeks I started to notice the difference in my body fat and muscle mass. The preparation side of dieting is one of the biggest parts! I work shifts so it was essential that I pre planned my meals, as i start work at 6am on some days or finish at 10.30pm on others. As the process progressed i found that the prep side of things became a lot easier.

I kept my supplementation simple, with 2 servings of IBCAA during my session, 2 scoops of Performance Diet Whey with 5g of Creatine after my resistance session, and a multi vitamin through the day. One product that did help with the dessert cravings was the Protein Mousse that I would have an hour before bed, which is packed with 30g of protein per serving.

During my transformation I took weekly pictures, weighed myself and did a body stat to check my progress, looking back through pictures to see how far you have progressed was a big positive and really helped to keep me on track and continue to work hard.

My Transformation Stats

Before Stats: Weight 181 lb | Body Fat 18%

After Stats: Weight 166 lb | Body Fat 9%



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