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Body Transformation Week 6

Posted on February 9, 2015 by BBWarehouse There have been 0 comments

These effective body transformation tips will help you on your journey and give you an overview of Week six! #BBWTransform

Week six of the Body Transformation Challenge begins!

The hard graft and pain of January is out of the way, the barrier of the half way point has been smashed and we are ready to take it up a gear.

During week 5, we looked back at the progress made thus far and adjusted our goals, however week six is all about looking forward and getting the best out of your body transformation! Think of yourself as a new and improved version of you and give that new person brand new achievements to be proud of!

Take everything you've learned about diet and training and ensure that you apply it every day over the next few weeks. This final stage of the challenge is where you will see the most visible improvements.  Over the next couple of weeks people should start to notice the progress that you are making and hopefully you are surrounded by people who are supportive and kind enough to let you know!  If you have any doubts about your progress or want some advice, just use #BBWTransform across social and we will be there to help.

The fundamental thing that you need to remember this week is PROGRESSION!  To consistently progress it the aim of the game. Whether that's a new PB, a cm loss or an improved diet; Just make sure that you do something better than you did the day or week before.

Here's a quick recap of the areas that you should have locked down for optimum success;


Above all else, you need to want it! It's going to be this drive to succeed that will help you make productive choices. When your tired, motivation will help you get up and train. When you feel like giving up, motivation will help you stay on track and more importantly, when something doesn't go well or you have a bad day, its motivation that will help you start a fresh and make that extra effort. If you're lacking motivation, think of your end goal!


As the saying goes, you can't out train a bad diet. Ensuring that you are eating for your goals is important. You can allow yourself a treat or two; just make sure that you make good choices, that fit within your macros and are helping you reach your goals.  Get to know your protein, carbs and fats and use them to your advantage. Clean eating is a great ethos and there are also plans, such as carb cycling, which you can try for faster results.


This is where the physical and mental effort comes into play! Constant training is great but it is effective to train smart! Training smart is all about avoiding a plateau and getting the most out of every single session. To do this, change up your routine as often as possible and train with intensity! If you haven't tried TUT training, give this a go for fast and effective results. For those who want to strip fat try fasted cardio and we also recommend that you  keep things interesting by trying one of our free workout plans;

Click here for a brutal chest workout created by former UKBFF champion, Nathan Robinson

Click here for a home workout that will blast your legs and glutes, #BBWArmy


A focused supplement stack can really help push your progress forward.  The transformation stack was created especially for all you transformers and you benefit from a huge saving when compared with the cost of the individual products.  If you want to spend a little less, here's a quick list of some go to supps, based on your goals; Transformation Stack

Weight Loss: A thermogenic fat burner will speed up your fat loss! Try Warrior Blaze.

Lean Muscle: A low carb, high protein, shake will help you pack on size whilst retaining definition! Try Pure Whey 80

Fast Muscle Growth: Creatine has been shown to enhance, strength, size and Performance! Try KreAlkalyn to avoid bloat

Intense Training: A good pre-workout will help you focus, give you extra energy and support your recovery. Try Performance Prime.

Endurance: An intra-Workout (a supplement taken during your workout) will support your training sessions and keep going for longer. Try Warrior Storm.

Recovery: You can avoid DOMS and improve recovery times by consuming a fast acting protein straight after training and upping your intake of branched chain amino acids. Try iBCAA 2:1:1.

Good luck transformers! See you on social #BBWTransform

By Bodybuilding Warehouse




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