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Body Transformation Challenge: Week 3

Posted on January 23, 2014 by BBWarehouse There have been 0 comments

The first quarter of the 2014 Body Transformation Challenge is complete! We have battled hunger, DOMS, tiredness and temptation but the rewards for this hard work should now begin to show.

The rewards will start to show:

Before we look forward to the progression which is ahead, lets pause for a second and take a look at what has been achieved thus far.  Firstly, we've had the before pictures, which was a daunting task and even our own team member, Kim, bailed on putting these initial pictures up on site. Everyone who has entered has committed to making a real change to their lifestyle and physique and each day has made a change that will help successfully complete this challenge.  In week one, we recommended setting weekly or even daily goals to help keep focused and on track.


If you're looking for a daily challenge why not give the 300 Reps workout a go and tell us your time! Keep us posted with how you got on using the hashtag #BBWTransform.  


This week we promised progress shots from Kim and Steve which was looking like it might be another failed attempt at getting them on site with both of them not happy with having them out there for all to see!

The key to this whole transformation challenge is to consistently progress and the best way you can see how well you're doing is to take progress pictures so you can visibly see the changes.

Transformation progress

Kim's thoughts going into week 3: 'I felt I hadn't made much progress in the first two weeks, although my diet has been pretty clean I was unable to train for the first week and the second I found extremely difficult with being constantly tired. When I put the progress shots with the starting pictures it really motivated me. I can see that there has been a change and it's really spurred me on, giving me more drive to see how much I can change my physique over the next 6 weeks!'

Both Kim and Steve have been using the Transformation Stack to help aid their diet and training.

By Bodybuilding Warehouse

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