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Bodybuilding to MMA Training

Posted on May 14, 2014 by BBWarehouse There have been 0 comments


You would think that making the merge from bodybuilding to MMA would be fairly straight forward, just stop focusing on hypertrophy and focus on fitness and explosive strength. Unfortunately for my goals the switch to MMA training isn’t that simple.

As an athlete I want to keep my physique, one because I like the bigger physique and two because I will want to merge back to bodybuilding in the future. Due to this my training routine in the gym is focused like a bodybuilders and my fitness, strength and conditioning comes mainly from MMA classes. I am the strength and conditioning coach for Exiles MMA and the way we like to work this in is a 30 min, very intensive, all over bodyweight circuit before an MMA class. Exercises involved in this type of circuit will be different variations of press ups, burpees, star jumps, core work, leg balance conditioning, shadow take down drills and more.

I am a strong believer that you build real fight cardio from sparring, so my cardio outside of MMA and the gym will just be early morning running a few times a week and the rest comes from sparring and pad work.


So what does my routine in the gym look like?


Well, for one.. I never stick to the same routine for more than two weeks so this is my 2 month rotation currently…




Week 1: Negative reps (8-10rep range)

Week 2: Negative reps (8-10 rep range)

Week 3: Pre-exhaust training

Week 4: Time under tension (8-10 rep range)

Week 5: Volume training

Week 6: Negative reps (10-12 rep range)

Week 7: Negative reps (10-12 rep range)

Week 8: Pre-exhaust training

 The Supps: To keep intensity high, try Warrior RAGE pre workout, along with Creatine Monohydrate and Pure Whey 80 for size and strength.

For now I will run through my style of pre-exhaust training as it’s a style I really enjoy and you may enjoy it too! For the benefit of running you through it I am going to go through a shoulder routine, I use more isolated or single arm movements for the pre-exhausting phase and then a large movement for the main phase. In the pre-exhausting phase there will be 2 levels of weights you will use, one for the 10 rep part and the other for the 20 rep part. CLICK HERE to view the routine


By Jason Law

Bodybuilding Warehouse

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