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Build Upper Chest Muscles

Posted on June 22, 2015 by BBWarehouse There have been 0 comments

You may think that you have no upper chest muscles but this quick test will tell you for sure! We also have some tips to help you bring them out...

I often hear men complain that they have no upper chest muscles and to fix this, they religiously hit the incline bench like it's going out of fashion. However, I've noticed that the problem usually lies in over developed anterior deltoids and just plain old poor posture. If you are one of those guys who have decent pec thickness but feel that you have no upper chest, then try this quick test;  Put your arms out forward, ensuring that you keep a straight line with your shoulders, now retract your shoulder blades. Your collar bone should disappear and if over developed anterior deltoids and poor posture are your problems, then you should see that upper chest appear.

The take away message from this is - if you already have decent developed pecs but you think for a second that you don't have an upper chest,  start working on the muscles groups involved in retracting your shoulder blades.

What Exercise Can Help?
upper chest muscles - nathan

My personal favourite exercise to help with this problem is the vertical angle Face pull.  The vertical angle face pull takes you from high to low,  like being in an incline position but pulling the weight down and retracting your shoulder blades instead of pushing up.

How To Set Up A Face Pull   

If you haven't set up a face pull before, First attach a rope attachment to the cable system at the top. Next, take a seat on the floor and hold the rope with both hands facing away from you. Ensure that your chin is up, your chest is out and now pull towards your forehead.  Don't forget to SQUEEZE them shoulder blades!

Tips to Build Up Your Upper Chest Muscles

If you complete the sets above and your upper chest muscles don't appear then try these quick tips to help build your upper chest!

  1. Don't get fixated with Barbells.  Try choose Dumbbells for a different kind of tension and range of motion.
  2. Add a Reverse Grip Bench Press to your upper chest training plan. The Reverse Grip Bench Press is traditionally used to build triceps but EMI studies show that the exercise hits the upper chest fibers up to 40% more than a standard incline press!
  3. Try Power Pressing to build strength and power quickly.


Nathan Swaby

Bodybuilding Warehouse

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