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Curb Your Food Cravings

Posted on April 20, 2015 by BBWarehouse There have been 0 comments

We all have food cravings from time to time and here's a quick list of the most common cravings and what they might signal...

We all have food cravings from time to time but these can intensify during times of dieting. Often, we dismiss these cravings and work on the mind over matter approach.  However, to completely combat your cravings it is a good idea to work out whether your cravings are your bodies way of telling you what it needs.   Here's a quick list of the most common cravings and what they might signal. Take a look, think about your diet and see if they can help you curb your cravings!

To combat cravings that are powered by your mind, rather than your body, taking a closer look at your relationship with food can be a worthwhile act.  Think about the situations that exist around your cravings and ask yourself if you have an emotional connection with your food.  It may be that food has become a quick fix to stress or the act of snacking has become a comfort in an otherwise stressful and hectic life. If this is the case, try new ways of handling stress and try to replace your bad cravings with the healthier alternatives shown below.



If you are craving white bread, pasta and pastries, you may be suffering from;

    Chromium deficiency: To combat this, up your daily intake of onion, tomatoes,           broccoli or green leafy veg.
    Nitrogen deficiency: Try nuts, seeds, legumes and red meat
    Iron deficiency: Try red meat, seaweed, leafy green veg and cherries

If you are craving crisps and salty foods,  you may be suffering from;

Chloride deficiency: Foods like celery, olives, tomatoes and kelp are all high in chloride.  Try upping your intake to fight your salty cravings.

Essential Fatty Acids deficiency: Omega 3 supplements, flax seed and walnuts are all great resources of EFAs.

If you constantly crave sweets and fizzy drinks, you may be suffering from any of the following deficiencies;

Calcium: Non dairy foods such as Broccoli, kale and legumes are rich sources of calcium. If you are fine with dairy, try upping your milk intake.

Hypoglycemia: level out your blood sugar with non starchy vegetables, nuts, wholegrains and cinnamon.

Chromium: Cinnamon, raw tomatoes, sweet potatoes grapes and Kale are all rich sources of the mineral chromium.

Sulphur: To get more sulphur into your diet, try upping your intake of sulphur rich foods, such as eggs, kale, cabbage and asparagus.

Phosphorous Deficiency: Phosphorus deficiency is rare as it is found in almost every food. however pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and whole grains are rich sources of phosphorus.

If you crave cheese you may be suffering from;

Calcium Deficiency: Non dairy foods such as Broccoli, kale and sesame seeds are rich sources of calcium.

Essential Fatty Acid Deficiency: Omega 3 supplements, flax seed and walnuts are all great resources of EFAs.

For those craving red meat, you may be deficient in Iron.  This can be combated with Iron supplements or iron rich foods such as leafy greens and legumes. Upping your intake of vitamin C may also help with your ability to absorb iron.

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