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Customer Body Transformation! #BBWArmy

Posted on July 31, 2014 by BBWarehouse There have been 0 comments

Emma, is a customer who we regularly speak to via twitter.  We have been really impressed with her progress in preparation for her wedding and shes been kind enough to share her body transformation story with you us all. #BBWArmy


Lets hear from Emma;

So in January this year I was 26 years old and at the biggest I had ever weighed. I weighed 14 stone 3 lbs, I am 5 ft 9 inches which is tall so you would expect to be heavier than your average 5 ft 5 girl but I knew 14 stone was too heavy. I had been squeezing myself into size 14s and 16s over christmas and new year and was determined to get into shape for my wedding to Michael in September this year.

I began a healthy eating regime on the 2nd Jan which consisted of me swapping all wheat based foods to wholemeal or wholewheat, I switched from milk and sugar in my coffee to black coffee and tea to green tea. I also switched from semi skimmed milk to almond milk. I also uppped my protein levels by taking Bodybuilding Warehouse Diet Whey and eating meats from muscle foods.

I eat a lot of fruit, bananas,  melon,  apples,  blueberries and raspberries. body transformation

I began weight training in February as I wanted to tone up my arms and stomach and began being more active. By March I  had lost a few pounds but it wasn't shifting as much as I would like.

In early April my fiancé sent me a link for Warrior Princess Blaze which was being advertised by Bodybuilding Warehouse, I read the reviews and bought some instantly.

My energy levels where automatically increased as was my metabolism which encouraged me to eat small regular meals.

My exercise isn't anything too taxing, I walk my dog twice a day for 20 minutes a time. I do 50 sit ups a day, 20 squats and in my weight training I do 150 lat pull downs of 25 kg and 20 dumbbell curls on each arm.

Since April the four months of taking blaze I have dropped 4 dress sizes and have now lost 4 inches from my arms and 8 from my waist. In total I have lost 39 lbs which works out 2 stone and 11 pounds.

I only take one tablet first thing in a morning and I have recommended the product to lots of friends and my sister who loves it. body transformation

I am massively grateful to Warrior Princess Blaze for getting me wedding ready! I am now below my goal weight which is excellent (but my wedding dress has needed lots of taking in and altering) but I am so body confident now and am so excited to marry the man of my dreams knowing I look the best I ever have.

Clean eating, exercise and blaze are the perfect combination for women in my opinion and would recommend this to anyone wanting to improve themselves.

Thanks Bodybuilding Warehouse and Blaze!

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