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Do Fat Burners Really Work?

Posted on August 21, 2014 by Jason Law There have been 0 comments

The supplement market is saturated with hundreds of different weight loss/fat loss products and it can be hard to know what does work and what doesn't.

Fat Burners:

As an ex competitive bodybuilder,  I have always looked for supplements to aid fat loss; to either make it easier or to speed it up. To be honest, for me, not a lot of fat burners have shown anything noticeable compared to a normal diet. So, Bodybuilding Warehouse decided to send me a tub of the popular Warrior Blaze to try. With a holiday six weeks away it was the perfect time to give it a trial run, because let's face it, everyone wants to look their best on holiday.

Day 1 of the trial

Warrior Blaze Reborn Fat Burners - 90 Caps

So on the first day of taking this fat burner, I can tell you there's no wait time for this to start working. My body temp felt higher a few hours after the first dose and my first workout was chest, followed by 20mins HIIT. No word of a lie, I was a sweaty mess by the end of this and I loved it.

A 6 week round up


My tolerance to the fat burner built a little by the end of the 4 week course but the workouts were no less of a sweaty mess. With over ten years experience in the gym, playing about with different methods I now know my body well and i know when different ingredients are working or not. My review of Warrior Blaze includes my judgement and experiences from the start through to the end, the first four weeks I had warrior blaze and the last two weeks i was without it, my diet remained the same at a 500 calorie deficit throughout.

The weight loss

Over six weeks I saw a weight drop as below...

Week 1: 2lbs

Week 2: 3lbsone-pound-at-a-time---fat-burners-content-image

Week 3: 2lbs

Week 4: 1.5lbs

Week 5: 1.5lbs

Week 6: 1lbs

This is much more than I usually see which usually stays about 1-1.5lbs a week.


The verdict!

Firstly, I didn't get any sick or hyperactive feelings on Warrior Blaze like I have on other products and I also felt that my mood was a lot better than it usually is when dieting. My overall opinion is that matched with a good diet, this is a fantastic aid to fat loss. It may also be important to note I also use caffeine free prime, whey 95, bcaa 8:1:1 and glycofuse in my supplementation.

Click here to find out more about Warrior Blaze and see how each ingredient works.

By Jason Law

On behalf of Bodybuilding Warehouse

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