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Endurance Supplements - Cyclic Dextrin

Posted on September 3, 2014 by Ollie 'Ojay' Matthews There have been 0 comments

Since working with various different endurance athletes from runners, cyclists, triathletes, ironman and even ultra marathon competitors we have noticed a major improvement from including this one supplement  during their sessions.

Cyclic Dextrin - The ultimate endurance athlete supplement

Cyclic Dextrin is now among the greatest endurance supplements. Previously there was consistency across the board, where tathletes were using various energy drinks; isotonic, hypo and hyper tonic at different points during their training and what we found was that a lot of athletes experienced gastro discomfort throughout their sessions.

Due to the way that Cyclic Dextrin works on the system, it is not taking blood away from the muscles and the systems required for instant energy. This is what happens when people use some intra workout carb sources like dextrose, malto dextrin, glucose and so on. What we actually found over various different lengths of sessions using Cyclic Dextrin is that the performance was increasing without any discomfort providing plenty of water was taken on board throughout. We noticed endurance supplementsthis with the ability to increase the lactic acid thresholds and create more watt/kg power over the course of sessions.

For every hour of exercise we have found that one good sized scoop is plenty in order to fuel the sessions.  If you are using the unflavoured cyclic dextrin we also found a little sugar free squash helped with the taste and to add some flavour into the mixture.

Over the next few weeks I will make sure to let you know about more supplements that I am using with the elite and professional athletes that i am working with to show you that it is true when we say supplements aren't just for bodybuilders.

By Ollie Matthews


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