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Fat Burners: Stimulants and Non Stimulants

Posted on April 13, 2014 by BBWarehouse There have been 0 comments

The basic principle to achieving a lean physique is to strip fat without losing muscle mass. This allows for muscle definition and a beach ready body.

Fat Burners:

The first question to ask yourself when choosing a supplement to improve your fat loss results and help you achieve your goals faster is... Do I want a supplement that contains stimulants? Do I need fat burners to help with weight loss?


YES to Stims

A fat burner that contains stimulants will allow you to increase the intensity of your workouts, which is great news for those who are looking to lose weight fast or for those who currently take a pre-workout but don't want to consume two products at once.

The Thermogenic Fat Burner 

Theromgenic Fat burners usually contain large amounts of stimulants and are designed to help your body break down fat and use it as energy; this process is called lipolysis. The Warrior Blaze Reborn Fat Burners - 90 CapsCentral Nervous System is also stimulated by thermogenic fat burners which gives you extra mental alertness.

Our most popular fat burner is Warrior Blaze Reborn.  Warrior Blaze Reborn uses lots of hyper-strength ingredients.  Each pill contains high dosages of powerful extracts designed to work symbiotically together to generate exceptional fat burning results.  Blaze will speed up your metabolism and allow you to achieve results quicker, this increase in your metabolic rate will also cause you to sweat more during your workouts.  Therefore, it is important to consume  over 2 litres of water whilst taking thermogentic fat burners. Blaze also contains properties which suppress appetite and boost your mood to make dieting easier.

What do customers say about Blaze?

Craig: These do exactly what they say on the front... They not only work well as a fat burner, but an amazing pre workout but had to take two a day to get the pre workout effect. BE WARNED YOU WILL SWEAT LIKE MAD!


Caffeine has many natural benefits and you can find out more about these here but caffeine is also the worlds most popular stimulant and fat burner. Caffeine stimulates the nervous system and helps to mobilize fat from your fat tissues. It does this by making it available for use as a free fatty acid.


NO to Stims

If you train later in the evening or are sensitive to stimulants, you may find it more beneficial to chose a non stim based fat burner.  The great thing about non stimulant based fat burners is that you can fit them in with your lifestyle no matter what time you train. Many non stim fatburners are also powerful antioxidents and will benefit your overall health and well being.

Our most popular non stim fat burners are Pure Raspeberry Ketones, Green Tea and CLA.

Raspberry ketones

Raspberry Ketones have attracted a lot of media attention recently and as such they have become very well known where fat burning is concerned. Raspberry Ketones are a natural extract from Raspberries, the fruit, and may be an effective tool for increasing the metabolism and promoting fat burning.  Scientific studies into Raspberry ketones have linked the product to an increase in lipolysis.

In order to create a powerful natural fat burning stack with non stimulant fat burners, we Pure Green Tea Extract 4:1recommend that you stack two different types and use them in synergy with each other.

A great stack with raspberry ketones is Green Tea. Green Tea has long been used as a general well being supplement and was discovered 4000 years ago by a Chinese Emperor.  The powers of Green Tea have been harnessed to provide oxidant fighting properties, boost your immune system and burn fat by speeding up your metabolism.

Another Popular fat burning supplement is Pure CLA or Pure Conjugated Linoleic Acid for
those who want to use the full name. CLA is used by many bodybuilders during the "Cutting Phase" of contest prep. CLA is a naturally occurring free fatty acid found in dairy products and red meat,  however it is only found in small amounts. To consume enough
CLA and keep your calorie consumption low, we recommend supplementation.  Increasing your CLA intake may help reduce body fat and control your cravings by regulating your blood sugar.

What do customers say about CLA? 

Chris: Started using these a while ago when i sorted my diet for serious training to loose my fat, aiming to get a 6 pack and build muscle. 
They are no over night fix but slowly after a few months i have seen the results. Used along side Raspberry ketones for a couple of months which helped speed up the process.
Then a few weeks ago i bought some Green Tea tabs and i have seen a real difference now all 3 supps are working together!


By Bodybuilding Warehouse

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