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Female Body Transformation Story

Posted on March 26, 2015 by BBWarehouse There have been 0 comments

Michaela was the only female to make it into the 3 and she shares her female body transformation results and story with you here!

Michaela Webster was crowned a 2015 Body Transformation runner up and we have all been really impressed with her results.  Michaela was the only female to make it into the top 8 and she shares her female body transformation results and story with you here!

Lets hear from Michaela;

When I was younger I always used to moan that I was too thin and despite eating whatever I liked I could never put any weight on. People used to say it would catch up on me but I never really believed it, until one day when I was looking over photos and I was unhappy with the way my body looked. I was never fat just out of shape. Drinking most weekends and bad food choices had caught up on me and I wanted to do something about it. I've always wanted a flat stomach, which is something I struggle with as I hold all my weight in this area. Every year when I book a holiday I say to myself, I’m going to get a bikini body, but every single time I leave it until the last minute and I have 2 weeks to try and tone up... which never works. I've tried many of the fad diets where you're left starving and feeling miserable and I always gave in. I'd heard about the 10 week body transformation challenge with Bodybuilding Warehouse and thought this would be the perfect thing to sign up to. In January I sent in my before pictures and was all signed up and ready to go. The idea of this challenge was exciting and I was looking forward to pushing myself and seeing results.

My Body Transformation Diet 

The first step in the right direction was to get a training programme and diet sorted. When you think about going on a diet a lot of people think about cutting back on food and starving yourself but on the carb cycle diet that I was on I ate more meals than I did before but it was just the right foods. I would do 4 low carb days, followed by one high carb day.

My Low Carb Days


On my low carb days I would have 30g of oats with water and a scoop of whey protein powder for breakfast with a black coffee. For lunch and dinner I would have 100g of meat (usually chicken or fish) with green vegetables. Post workout I would have a protein shake and my last meal of the day would usually be two rashes of bacon and 2 eggs. On a high carb day I would have protein pancakes for breakfast (my favourite :D) with a black coffee. For lunch I would have 100g of chicken with 200g of sweet potato and for dinner I would have 100g of steak with 200g of rice. Post workout I would have a protein shake and 45g of skittles. My last meal would be two rashes of bacon and two eggs. It is also important to make sure you keep hydrated and I would aim to drink 4 litres of water a day.

It is important to take the correct supplements to get the necessary nutrients to build muscle and enhance training. Here is a list of my body transformation supplements that I would take each day:

Whey protein – I would have two scoops of whey protein daily. One scoop in my oats for breakfast and one post workout.

CLA - I would take CLA capsules three times a day with breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Omega 3 – I would take omega 3 capsules three times a day with breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Warrior Princess Blaze – I started with one tablet before breakfast and one pre workout. I then increased this to two tablets before breakfast and one pre workout.

BCAA’s – I would have one scoop of BCAA’s with water pre workout.

Multi-vitamin – I would have one multi vitamin tablet in the morning.

Calcium – I would take calcium capsules twice a day, one with lunch and one with dinner.

Green tea – I would have green tea three times a day.

Caffeine – I would have two black coffee’s a day. One in the morning with breakfast and one pre workout.


 My Female Body Transformation Training

Exercise was another important factor in the transformation challenge. I trained every day as I loved how it would make me feel afterwards. Exercise stimulates endorphin production and after a good workout I would feel so much happier and have more energy. Every other morning I would do 40 minutes fasted cardio. Every evening I would do weight training and after some sessions I would add a circuit or HIIT routine. Some women are scared of lifting weights as they think it will make you look big or bulky but this couldn’t be more untrue. In fact lifting weights extenuates your curves, as you build muscle, your body begins to take a nice hourglass shape. Lifting weights hasn’t only made me a lot fitter and stronger but I have become a lot leaner. The huge advantage to weight training is your body's ability to burn fat during and after exercise. It Increases your metabolic rate and as you increase strength and lean muscle mass, your body uses calories more efficiently. So the more lean muscle mass, the more calories you will burn.

From the weight training and a clean diet combined I really started to notice a difference which spurred me on to continue. The 10 weeks was tough especially the last week when I was depleting. I’m very happy with my progress and it just goes to show that if you put in the time and effort you will see the results. No pain no gain!

Even though the competition has come to end this is just the beginning for me. The transformation hasn’t only changed me physically but mentally too. I have a whole new outlook on life and I feel much healthier, fitter and happier. Sooo what’s the next challenge...?

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