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Female Fitness & Supplements For Beginners

Posted on August 4, 2014 by BBWarehouse There have been 0 comments

Depending on your end goal there are many different training styles and techniques which can be used, and a vast variety of supplements which you can incorporate into your training regime.

A beginners look at Female Fitness and Supplements:

It’s that time of year again where everyone wants to shape up for their holiday and wants that “beach body” look, Women will be spending hours and hours on cardio machines and will probably be eating next to nothing in order to lose weight. Cardio will make you loose fat yes but it won’t give you that firm lean look that you’re after. When the word weight training is mentioned most women are afraid or cautious to lift weights as they think it will make you look “manly” or unfeminine, I lift weights 6x per week and do I look unfeminine? Well I hope not…. :)

I would definitely recommend incorporating a full body weight training workout into your weekly gym sessions 3x per week to introduce yourself into weight training female fitnessslowly. Starting with legs, weighted squats and lunges are a must! They are a brilliant fat burning workout and they do wonders in firming up those glutes ladies! Upper body movements can be a mix of push and pull exercises to incorporate all muscle groups, mix up the exercises and remember to focus on the main upper body areas, shoulders, back and chest.

All exercises depend on your ability so if you are unsure don’t be afraid to ask a personal trainer at your gym for advice first, remember weight training with incorrect form can lead to injury.

In terms of supplements I would defiantly recommend adding extra protein into your diet, this is very important especially if you are incorporating weights into your new training regime. Start the day by having 1 scoop of protein power with your breakfast and another straight after your gym workout, I would personally recommend the Performance Diet Whey or Pure Whey 80, there are a wide variety of flavours and their both low in calories and carbohydrates , brilliant if you are trying to lose those extra pounds.

Taking a fat burner can really help, it will boost your metabolism throughout the day and if taken before a workout it will give you that extra energy needed. I'd recommend rotating a fat burner 2 days on- 1 day off, this will stop your body becoming too used to the product and may become less effective, I use the Warrior Princess Blaze and rotate this into my diet plan. In addition to this other good weight management supplements are Acai berry and CLA tablets.

Remember consistency is key, work hard think positive and eat right!

Happy training!

By Ellie

On behalf of Bodybuilding Warehouse

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