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Fitness Athlete Ab Workout

Posted on July 15, 2014 by BBWarehouse There have been 0 comments

Emma Paveley shares her ab training with you over on our You Tube channel!  Click here to watch the ab workout in action!







The workout consists of the following exercises:

1. Dumbbell lever through to front support (All core)
2 and 3. Leg lifts, superset with tucked leg raises (lower - lower)
4. Side Dish lifts (Intercostal)
5. Controlled full body lever (All core)
6. Twists (obliques- intercoatal) 

7. Standard ball crunches with cable (upper)
Why not give this workout a go and see how many reps and sets of each you can get through!  Don't forget to power yourself with some Performance Prime and give Performance Recover a try post workout.

If you'd like to cult better abs, you could also try our 6 week ab programme which is available here!

By Emma Paveley

 Don't forget t follow me on Twitter @EPAVELEY
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