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Fitness Failures To Avoid

Posted on January 16, 2015 by Nathan Robinson There have been 0 comments


Nobody likes the ‘F-word’…NO! Not that F-word…Everybody likes that one! I’m talking about FAILURE!

Unfortunately, most people who start a new years fitness goal end up as statistics, not success stories. They drop off after a couple of weeks and end up putting their shiny new gym kit on a dusty shelf until next year. So here are the 5 main pitfalls people face when trying to get in shape…read carefully, you may be about to commit transformation suicide and you don’t even know it.


Planning your workouts into your day isn’t easy, you work, have a family and other commitments that take priority, that’s life, so your exercise time must fit into a worryingly narrow window. You’ll need everything to run to plan with the program you’ve chosen, no traffic, no waiting for machines, minimal rest periods with no small talk between sets…ready…GO!

On second thought, maybe you could work early in the morning while everyone is still
asleep, after all ‘gainz never sleep’ (apparently!!) but after hitting snooze for 15 mins, navigating your bathroom routine, getting dressed, making breakfast, taking a selfie and of course checking facebook, twitter, insta and every other social media outlet, the outcome is still the same.

I think we’ve discovered some fat that could be trimmed from your day. It might not be much fun, and it will definitely require some forward planning or preparation the night before, maybe even go to bed earlier, excessive? No…just realistic.


As a trainer and coach who specialises in body transformations, I spend a good chunk of my time looking and before and after photo’s for my clients and each and every one’s personal success is a huge inspiration to me. A powerful success story inevitably gives you a tingle in your muscles and all of a sudden you picture yourself grinding endless hours of cardio and living on nothing but chicken breasts and broccoli for the next 6 months!

Slow down guys…while this spark of inspiration is awesome, the trouble starts when you start fantasising about perfect workouts, perfect meals, perfect discipline and your unstoppable march towards fitness glory, but from personal experience, believe me, the reality is very different and sometimes things simply don’t go as planned. Instead of spending all day in your head thinking about the destination, concentrate on the journey, the obstacles that stand in your way and how you will overcome them. How you deal with the setbacks will determine how far you are able to go.

3. WE ARE NOT ROBOTS nathan front 1
Studies show that carbohydrates interact with X…protein affects Y…and fat does Z in your body…Got that? Except we don’t eat carbohydrates, protein and fat, we eat food! Likewise, we don’t just ‘work out’ we stimulate reactions in multiple, complicated, interrelated, physiological systems. Now I have a degree in Sports coaching, am a British Champion in my chosen sport and have coached numerous athletes to wins and titles respectively and even I don’t pretend I can grasp everything that’s going on!

Nothing happens in a vacuum, you’ve got your own lifestyle, habits, diet, training and eating preferences all playing a part, each one can and will affect how your body changes in response to new stimuli. Don’t sweat it, just work with it. Your body isn’t straight out of an anatomy textbook, but with enough time and even more effort, you will achieve a lot without 100% understanding why.


In our heads, our workouts look like a montage from Rocky and our diets are on point and
delicious all the time…IF ONLY!! Transformation ain’t no easy ride, no happy place…most of the time anyway. If you are transitioning from an unhealthy lifestyle to a healthy one, the process can be uncomfortable, at least for a little while. Muscle soreness keeps you limping for days, nothing tastes like you want it to and you sometimes struggle to meet rep ranges with even the most humiliating of weights…The good news is that this discomfort is a completely normal part of the process, in fact its necessary to help you understand that the process is, you know, a ‘process’. It’ll get better, maybe not today or tomorrow but lets see how you'r doing a month from now.

I know it doesn’t sound fun, but it’s the truth…I don’t sugar coat shit, I’m not Willy Wonka! Put in the effort and your story will be rich with heroism, pain, humiliation, triumph and all of the amazing stuff that makes us human!

By Nathan Robinson


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