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Full Body Workout | 4 Day Split

Posted on April 27, 2015 by BBWarehouse There have been 2 comment(s)

Full body workout plan - Split over 4 days, designed to build muscle and strip fat fast, as part of #SummerShred

Full body workout plan - Split over 4 days, designed to build muscle and strip fat

Optimally designed strength training programmes are based on sound scientific principles that ensure a progressive overload of the appropriate muscle or muscle groups. (Pincivero 1997)

High Intensity training is key for that lean and shredded look; optimally this means high reps, fast movement and minimal break. This workout is based on a 3 day split with a single Cardio session.

Workout Supplements:  Performance Charge Pre-Workout, iBCAAs intra workout and Performance Diet Whey post workout.

Session 1: Whole Body/ Run: Heavy to moderate (70% 1RM)

Barbell Dead Lift 4x8-10

Incline Dumbbell Press 3x8-10

Biceps Dumbbell Hammer Curl 3x10

Triceps over head rope pull 3x12

Walking Lunge 20 meters

Shoulders Lateral Raise 3x10

Wide arm Pull Up 3x8-10

Abs 5x20

Leg Raise till fail

Run 20 minutes at 75% max HR

Session 2: Complete Body (70% 1RM)

Barbell Deadlift 3x15nathan swaby

Single Arm Row 3x15

Standing military Shoulder Press 3x12

EZ Bar Bicep Curl 3x10

Flat Bench Press- 3x15

Squats 3x15

Triceps Rope Push Down 3x10

Abs 5x20

Planks 3x2-3 min

Session 3: Cardio

Run 30-60 minutes Interval training at 65-80% maximal Heart rate

Maximal heart rate calculator (220 – Age)

Session 4: Complete Body Light/high intensity

Each Set has a final set to failure (50 % 1RM)

Bicep Dumbbell curl 2 x15, 1 to failure

Triceps rope extensions 2x15, 1 to failure

Shoulders Barbell Shrugs 2x15, 1 to failure

Barbell Row 2x15, 1 to failure

Chest Push Up 2x15, 1 to failure

Weighted abs 4x10 to failure

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