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German Volume Training Routine

Posted on September 10, 2014 by Lee Malone There have been 0 comments

Following on from my German Volume Training article 4 weeks ago I wanted to keep you updated and share the additional part of the program for adding mass and my current training program.

GVT Program:

Initially the GVT program was devised to add mass however over time 10 sets of 10 can be quite boring and in some cases cause overuse injuries from repetitive exercises as a high volume. One key aspect I personally wasn’t too keen on was the lack of options for hitting different muscle groups, that’s why initially I only do GVT for 4 weeks before switching it up to Optimised Volume Training.

Optimised Volume Training still keeps the 100 reps per muscle group principle however this is broken down into a superset of two sets of 5. The first exercise is a compound exercise such as Squat, Bench Press, Deadlift or Military Press; this is performed for 5 reps with as much weight as you can do for 5 solid reps whilst lee gvtmaintaining good form. The second exercise is performed straight after the first 5 compound reps and is an isolation exercise targeting the same muscle, same number of reps but with a lighter weight and a more controlled and much slower tempo. The final difference is we’re only performing the superset 5 times to keep the workout varied and reduce any boredom that people have felt during the GVT program.

The training split is entirely up to yourself, I’m pretty busy with work at the moment so only training 4 days a week for a few weeks so I’ve combined chest and back however when I’m back to training 5 days a week I’ll do chest and back on separate days. Likewise feel free to mix up the exercises but I’ve provided below my current training split.


Here’s my current condition after completing the German Volume Training for 4 weeks before starting OVT, strength has gone up, my food is increased and I’m still relatively lean but nowhere near my stage condition back in May.

Monday: Legs & Abs (Train abs as normal or try the BBW 6 week abs program)

Tuesday: Shoulders

Wednesday: REST

Thursday: Arms

Friday: REST

Saturday: Chest & Back

Sunday: REST

Click here: workout for the programme

Optimised Volume Training has been around for years now and I personally find OVT and 5/3/1 training the most beneficial for adding muscle, obviously everyone is different and other training methods will be more effective depending on the individual but I’m just sharing what’s worked for me and what I’m currently doing in order to reach my goals of adding more muscle mass and strength. I strongly suggest noting down the weight you lift for each exercise and try increasing week on week, remember to keep as heavy as possible with the first exercise whilst not neglecting good form then lighten the weight for the isolation exercise.

After 4 weeks of this OVT protocol I’ll change up the exercises and continue the OVT supersets for a further 4 weeks until taking a deload week where the aim is to give your muscles and joints a rest from the heavy weights without taking anytime off training, just keeping the weights light and hitting 12 – 15 reps on all exercises.

I hope this helps everyone that’s looking to add on some solid size over the next few months and I strongly advise if you haven’t already done 4-6 weeks of the German Volume Training then give that a try before you attack the Optimised Volume Training program.

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By Lee Malone

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