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Need Help With Fat Loss?

Posted on July 6, 2015 by BBWarehouse There have been 0 comments

We take a look at the many benefits of the amino acid L Carnitine, including fat loss and potential muscle mass enhancement.


L-Carnitine is an Amino acid used predominantly for help with fat loss. This supplement has so much more to offer than just fat loss, I have covered a few more health benefits in this info document for people to see this non essential amino acid should become an essential one for any. L-carnitine is used in many popular fat strippers too.

Reasons for use

1. Brain Function – can help protect the brain from stress related damage as well as age related wear and tear. It also improves awareness and alertness

2. Male fertility – has been proven to aid sperm mobility and increase sperm count.

3. Fat loss – transfers long chain fatty acids into mitochondria, which allows them to be oxidised and therefore transferred into energy. It increases your endurance and stops your body from storing fat. This is probably why it is in most good fat burning supplements.

4. Potential Muscle Mass enhancing effects – this has been documented – I can’t confirm this, as I have not taking it as a standalone and have been cutting for looooong time.

5. Increased Bone Mass – this little extra should interest all people not only those that exercise but those that don’t. Fortunately, by taking l-carnitine, you can slow down the bone loss process and improve bone micro structural properties by decreasing wear and tear.

6. Kidney Health- Carnitine is produced by the kidneys , so when people have been diagnosed with kidney disease doctors have recommended patients to supplement with Carnitine.

7. Heart Health - studies have determined that taking l-carnitine after a heart attack decreases the chances of suffering another one later.
8. Immune Health – It is an anti-oxidant and can prevent damage done by free radicals.

9. Diabetes – This supplement increases glucose oxidation as well as its storage.

10.Prevents Fatigue and increases endurance - This says it all for me as an early morning trainer, useful as a pre and post workout supplements to aid my workout and prevent crashing after I have left the gym.


When to take and how much

Optimal dose is stated as 2-4g each day. I take my does before and after my workout on empty.
Follow tub instructions as doses may vary and be specific to weight

By Marc Marcou

Bodybuilding Warehouse

Image source: shutterstock

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