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Posted on November 26, 2014 by BBWarehouse There have been 0 comments

The Hercules diet propelled the Rock's physique to demigod levels ahead of filming for Hercules. The diet involved multiple meals and an epic cheat day!

The Hercules Diet:

The Rock transformed himself into even more of a beast in the run up to his role as Hercules!  We asked you if he was the greatest Hercules of all and as requested, here's the Hercules diet that got him in such great shape! Its a plan that the Rock posted across his social on the run up to the release of the film and its clear to see that he fully committed himself to epic levels! 

Meal 1
10oz Filet with 4 egg whites, 5 oz Oats or cream of Wheat, measured dry.

Meal 2
8oz Chicken, 2 cups of white Rice, 1 cup of BroccoliHercules diet and cheat meal

Meal 3
8oz Halibut, 2 cups of white Rice, 1 cup of Asparagus

Meal 4
8 oz Chicken, 12 oz Baked Potato, 1 cup of Boccoli

Meal 5
8 oz Halibut, 1 1/2 cups of white Rice, 1 cup of Asparagus

Meal 6
8 oz Filet, 9 oz baked Potato with Salad

Meal 7
An omelette made using 30 grams of Casein Protein, 10 egg whites, onions, peppers and mushrooms

The Rock also revealed that he followed this Team Hercules 12 Labours meal plan every day, for 6 months!

The Epic Cheat Mealthe rock diet and cheat meal

So how do you end 150 days of eating clean? With an epic cheat meal of course! The rock shared this Herculean cheat meal pic with his army of social fans.

The diet plan is a bulk of monstrous proportions but it did support 2 grueling training sessions a day, coupled with 12 hours of filming! Give it a try for one day, if you are brave enough!!

By Bodybuilding Warehouse

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