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How to Build Bigger Legs!

Posted on June 12, 2014 by Jason Law There have been 0 comments

Read just how to build up those legs to the size you always wanted!

Building something of those twigs!

If, like me you are one of the many that always struggles to build legs then you will understand the hard work and struggles it takes to make these twigs not so twig-like.

So here’s a little run down of how I work things and maybe you can pick some pointers up on bits you can change to help grow some nice legs.

Firstly, let’s talk supplementation around workout time, there is nothing unusual about my supplementation and for many it may be the same protocol…



Performance Prime
Pure iBCAA 



Pure Cyclic Dextrin Cluster
Pure Whey Protein Concentrate 80


Ok so the key I have found to building bigger legs is 3 points

  1. Variation
  2. Deep squatting/walking lunges
  3. Maximum weight for the rep range

These may all sound like basics but you would be surprised how many people do not do these 3 basic things. My view on legs is we use these everyday, they are constantly taking the strain of the weight of our upper bodies, so we need to put these through levels that they would not normally under-go. This means light weights, poor ROM and the same old thing may not lead to building bigger legs.


There are many different types of workouts and in my other blogs you may have seen the styles I like to do which are negatives, time under tension, pre-exhaust and volume.

In general I tend to work negatives and time-under-tension more so than the other two.

Deep squatting and walking lungesbigger legs

These 2 exercises are a must, in the past I avoided lunges and my range of motion on squats was poor, I was loading the bar with crazy weights and barely moving. Try and ensure that you get a good ROM and include these in your workout Try switching to front squats from time to time as well.

Maximum weight for the rep range

This should go without saying, but yet still you see people getting to the end of their rep range with barely a look of discomfort. LIFT HEAVY!

Aim to be struggling to get the last rep each time, matched with a good range of motion you can watch your legs start to grow!

As you will see there is no secret formula, its all basics and just takes hard work. I have listed below my Time-under-tension (TUT) workout that I performed today.

For TUT I aim for 4 seconds up and 4 seconds down, 8-10 reps

5 min warm up on cross trainer

3 sets warm up weight (up to 50% OF 1RM) 15 reps

4 sets of deep back squats

3 sets laying leg press

3 sets hack squat machine press

3 sets leg extensions

3 sets laying hamstring curls

3 sets wide footed straight leg deadlifts


6 sets donkey Calf raise


By Jason Law

Bodybuilding Warehouse

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