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How To Workout Without A Spotter

Posted on June 25, 2014 by Ollie 'Ojay' Matthews There have been 0 comments

No Spotter… No Problem!! Ever wanted to know how to continue to go hard without your training partner?  Well here's a few simple things to ensure that you keep the intensity high when you training buddy fails to turn up!

Working without a spotter!

Time and time again I have seen people using the excuse that they cannot go to failure or smash the intensity, as they don’t have a regular training partner and spotter.  Read on to find out how to workout without a spotter!


Here are three different techniques that I regularity use to take muscles to and beyond failure,  with or without a spotter. First make sure your Primed for a heavy session with Performance Prime and then give these techniques a try!

Drop Sets

The first one is well known; ‘drop sets’ some people call them strip sets. Basically, you have a few plates on the bar and maybe some smaller dumbbells at hand ready for when you need them. Do your main set until you get to the point where you cannot complete another rep in a safe manner, really push it, then, immediately drop the weight down to a lighter amount and continue. Hit this intensity again and finally complete one more drop set.

Sometimes it is even nice to ‘run the rack’ starting heavy and doing so many drop sets that you use all the weights down the line until you get to the smallest weight that there is on the rack. That is until someone walks in and you are hitting failure on 2.5kg bicep curls!


Rest-Pause technique

The rest-pause technique allows you to get a target amount of reps in the set as a whole. You may be used to picking a weight that you do say 12 straight reps with.
how to workout without a spotterPut it a little higher so you fail on about 8 reps. I personally count breaths and have about 10 deep breaths between rests but some people will want to count seconds, it is down to individual preference. Continue the set once rested and complete as many rest pause breaks as you need in order to get to the given amount of reps.

It may look like this:

8 good reps >>>> 10 deep breaths >>>> 2 good reps >>>> 10 deep breaths >>>> 2 good reps and rest.

Peak Contraction Technique 

If done correctly this one is killer!

Basically grab a weight that you are able to control safely but with EACH rep hold the maximum contracted position of the movement for 5 seconds. For example on a bicep curl, that big squeeze right at the top, squeeze that so hard for 5 seconds until you physically feel the muscle about to burst with the blood that is being pumped into it. Then, lower the weight on the negative portion for 4 seconds. You don’t need as much weight if this is done correctly. I would aim to complete 8-10 reps like this in a set.

Try adding these into your workout a few times and see how much you feel the muscles physically grow day in day out.

I would start off using them on your ‘weaker’ body parts, for me I have attached them regularly to my leg and back workouts to push some extra growth for this off season.

Have fun!

By Ollie Matthews


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