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Consistent Progression: Logging Your Workouts

Posted on June 3, 2014 by BBWarehouse There have been 0 comments

Importance of logging your workouts and progressional overload

The most essential piece of equipment in the gym when creating consistent progression towards any fitness goal is… A notepad and pen!

How many people have you seen training in your gym year after year with no apparent progress in any aspect of their physique or athletic ability? You may even be friends with some of these people; and you may know how religious they are with their diet and supplement regime.
So why are these people not progressing? Typically the reason for this stagnation is due to a lack of sufficient shock to the body sufficient to stimulate growth.

We all know the human body adapts to its environments to better cope with the stresses we place on it. When new stress arises on a consistent basis our body changes and adapts to better serve that environment. Now, we can apply this to weight lifting/bodybuilding/cardiovascular endurance/weight loss. Taking someone just starting out in the gym for example, we typically find the body changes extremely quickly with speedy drops in body fat and gym eqvast gains in lean muscular growth. This is due to the huge shock the new trainee has placed on themselves and its adaptation to this new shock.
When the body stops being stimulated through training, i.e. the training sessions and weights lifted are pretty much the same week in week out, it has no reason or need to grow/change. The most simple and easily most effective way to alleviate this stagnation is through progressive overload over time. When I say progressive overload, I mean increasing weights and reps every time we revisit a muscle group in the gym. This is where the notepad and pen
becomes vital. To optimally achieve our goals, logging each session’s reps, sets and rest time is key. When you revisit the same workout either at some point later that week or the week after, you can look back and ensure that you beat every logged lift. This can be done either through increased weight utilised, increased reps at the same weight or reduced rest time. This progressive overload will ensure that your body is consistently being stimulated and thus cause progression week by week.

This form of logging also has the added benefit of allowing you to re address sleep, diet, supplementation and training style if you were not able to beat
elliotyour previous sessions. If the above variables are spot on, there is no reason for you not to be able to beat all of your previous sessions. And if you can't, you can adjust these variables until you do.

If you would like some supplements to help smash though plateaus, try a natural test boost with the Warrior Conquest stack or a combined intra and workout like Performance Prime for added energy and speedy recovery. For bigger gains, you could also incorporate Creatine into your supplement stack. Clinical research has proven that creatine increases your ability to restore your muscles with all the nutrients needed for maximum growth.

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By Elliot Wise  


On behalf of Bodybuilding Warehouse

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