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Intense Upper Body Workout

Posted on December 9, 2015 by BBWarehouse There have been 0 comments

We headed over to Pure Gym Altrincham to check out how Manchester Storm forward, Patrik Valcak, keeps himself in shape during the season. We did his chest, back and shoulder workout, and it's gruesome! Mix up your training and give this upper body workout a go.




Ice Hockey

Ice Hockey is a fast paced, aggressive contact sport; you have to be strong, fast and fit. You also have to be tough, as anyone who’s watched a game will know! Players often slam gloves and helmets down to duke it out on the ice, with the referee only stepping in if one of them goes down! This is sport at it’s best and most challenging. Ice Hockey isn’t a game where you fall over, and have to walk off the field. It’s a game played between tough people, who need to be in great shape to survive the 60 minutes! The team have to make sure they're on top form so that they can be put through their paces on the ice.

All exercises in this workout were being performed with 10-12 repetitions in sets of four with one minute rest time in between working sets. Try giving this a go:


Warm Up Sets:

✔ Push Ups
✔ Wide Grip Push Ups

Working Sets:


✔ Smith Machine Shoulder Press
✔ Superset with Dumbbell Shrugs
✔ Front Plate Raises
✔ Superset with Shoulder Press Push-Ups

Patrik Valcak - Incline Dumbbell Flys


✔ Bodyweight Pull Ups
✔ Superset with Reverse Cable Flys
✔ Straight Leg Deadlifts
✔ Superset with Single Arm Dumbbell Row
✔ Bent Over Bar Row
✔ Superset with Bent Over Dumbbell Row

Patrik Valcak


✔ Incline Smith Machine Bench Press
✔ Superset with Incline Dumbbell Flys
✔ Decline Smith Machine Bench Press
✔ Superset with Decline Dumbbell Flys
✔ Standing Cable Flys
✔ Superset with Bent Over Cable Flys

Patrik Valcak

Although Ice Hockey requires killer workouts to make sure the players are staying on top of their game, they also need to make sure they're fueling their body correctly and have the best nutrition possible. With a typical game being played in three 20 minute periods and the clock only going when the puck is in play, the players need every bit of energy they can get. It often means that the players will be on the ice for well over an hour and with the conditions being cold and challenging it means that before, during and especially after they need exceptional nutrition so that they can keep their energy levels up, perform the best that they can and recover quickly so they can get back on the ice and do it all again!


Patrik used Pure Whey Protein 80 to help aid recovery which is low in carbs and 19g protein per serving. We know we make the highest quality supplements in the UK. Our products are manufactured in-house, in our own state of the art 21,000sqft facility using ingredients sourced exclusively from the leading ingredient suppliers of Europe. They’re formulated with years of experience, to do what matters most – WORK! We believe in results, and we know with Bodybuilding Warehouse products you’ll get the best results your body is capable of, every time.

Jamie #BBWArmy

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