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Interview with Optimum Nutrition Sponsored Athlete Dan Yeomans

Posted on July 21, 2015 by BBWarehouse There have been 6 comment(s)

Name: Dan Yeomans

Age: 25 years young

Location: Cardiff

Sponsors: Optimum Nutrition, Machine Fitness, PROMiXX, FitFuelUK

Titles: 2014 Welsh Overall Physique Champion

Weight: Currently 205lbs

Height: 178cm

Best moment of your life?

I’m very lucky to have had some great moments in my life. Ranging from the days where I used to race to competing on the physique scene. They were all pretty perfect to the situation at that time. So in saying that and where I am hoping to go, qualifying to compete at the Arnolds is definitely a highlight of mine.

Just tell us a little about yourself Dan:

Where do I begin, I’ll try and keep this as short as possible for you all. I come from a small village buried in the Welsh Valleys. When I mean small I mean there were 36 kids in my entire primary school! From an early age I always had a passion for fitness, more so on the side of self-fitness, i.e. cross country, athletics etc. Played Rugby and Football 5-a-side until the age of 15 then rugby took over. I had a big passion for the game and took up the gym for strength development. I'd always be in my rugby clothing training and trying to be as athletic as possible. Little did I know the gym was to soon take over. I continued to lift along side my Rugby training until the age of 21 when patella tendinitis in my knees shut me down. For a year and a half I was bouncing back and fourth with some poor results. It was at that time I decided enough is enough, packed the Rugby in and went full time gym and fitness modelling. After a run in with an owner of a supplement shop who gave me the push to get into competing I now find myself the current Welsh Champion and in preparation for my 6th show.

dan yeomans

You’ve done a few competitions now and been successful. Losing fat is a major goal for most people but many seem to fail. What do you think causes this and what’s your advice?

After being a personal trainer for a few years, weight loss is something I’ve been at the front of tackling with clients. For me I find the biggest problems come from either clients being to harsh on themselves, through not eating enough, eating types of foods they don’t enjoy and don’t make changes that are sustainable. I found the successful clients are the ones who are willing to listen and make a lifestyle change as  opposed to tackling “diets”. At the end of the day we are here to promote a healthier way of living that’s enjoyable, not crash diet plans that are tough to follow and promote bad health. Gym meals are essential.

My advice to anyone wanting to lose weight is to start out by keeping what I call a diet diary. For one week (including weekends) write down everything you eat, portion size and the times you’re eating. You will be surprised how much/little you eat. From that you’re able to see the changes you need to make to your diet on a daily basis. If you are unsure of the changes you need to make, contact a local nutritionist and they will be able to tell you exactly where you’re slipping up. Sometimes it isn’t as obvious as the packet of biscuits you’re eating before bed ;)

Fat strippers are a popular supplement, do you use them? If so, what do you feel they do for you while dieting?

Personally, I believe the aid of a fat loss supplements alongside correct nutrition and training does help. The research is there. With added ingredients like green tea extract they do in some cases help provide that mental stimulation needed when energy levels aren’t optimum. Just remember they are a supplement and you need to make sure you’re diet and training is on point first.

You train intensely but when in a caloric deficit it can be difficult to keep up strength and intensity. How do you re-structure when dieting?

Definitely, when in a calorie deficit training gets tough. For example when you get to that “crunch” time 3 weeks out from a show that’s when you find out how bad you really want it. I try to lift as heavy as possible within the rep ranges I set myself. I normally re-structure through lowering my volume accordingly on my calorie intake. For me I find keeping that time under tension as opposed to high reps works best for me. There’s more than one way to skin a cat as they say, you just need to find what’s yours. So be patient and try different methods.

Give us an example workout week while dieting:

Sticking to that “crunch” week, typical physique athlete’s week would look like this;

Monday – Biceps

Tuesday – Triceps

Wednesday – Forearms

Thursday – Biceps and Triceps

Friday – Arms ;)

Haha, on a serious note I’m not a fan of training arms. A reason why I was picked up for them lacking last year. Here’s what my typical workout week would look like.

Day 1 – Quads and Shoulders

Day 2 – Back and Chest (Mostly big compounds)

Day 3 – Hamstrings, Calfs and Biceps

Day 4 – Posing and Cardio

Day 5 – Triceps and Abs

Day 6 – Back and Chest take 2(Different areas)

Day 7 – Posing/REST

What’s your favourite 3 supplements and why?

Now you’re asking a tough one! For sheer performance from a post workout whey I will always suggest Optimum Nutrition – Platinum Hydrowhey. Being a faster acting hydrolysed whey as opposed to a standard whey it ensures I am getting refuelled pretty sharpish after a workout. During my workout I absolutely adore Optimums PRO BCAA’S, great tasting and fuel you with the right necessities during your workout. Before my workout on those long tiring days, the days where you need a kick in the rear, look no further than Gold Standard PRE- Workout. It boasts 175mg of caffeine with 1.5g beta alanine with 3g of creatine, with a great taste, how can you not love it!!

go hard

The fitness industry has developed a few cults over the years. One one side we have the “clean eaters” who stick to the chicken and rice, we have the paleo dieters and the “If It fits your Macros” guys who will have a target calories set for the day and eat that or under. Where do you slot in? What’s your approach?

I love this, simply because It brings me back to the case of there’s more than one way to skin a cat. You will see these guys and girls competing or having photo shoots who all come in looking unbelievable and the best part is they follow different regimes. I fall into the mixed category of IIFYM and Clean Eating. I follow a set target of calories but getting to those calories cleanly. I don’t believe in eating Pop Tarts simply they fit my macros. If you’re eating Pop Tarts, in my mind it isn’t dieting/eating clean, my brain just doesn’t work that way haha. If you want some simple sugars, get some fruit in you! In saying that at this moment in time I’m not craving bad food in any way shape or form, which is great. Just keep me away from any sort of peanut butter. I find Nuts N More to be my ultimate weakness. It’s my kryptonite.

With many people looking up to you and expect nothing but the best from you when you’re show ready, how has this pressure affected you?

Honestly, I don’t feel any pressure when it comes to competing. I thrive on it, it excites me, it gets me out of bed. If you’ve seen where I have come from to where I am now, I am simply happy to be up on that stage. I know come show day I would of given it a 110% every single day leading to a show. I would have had the sessions where you’re on the edge of tears or throwing up and from that I know I deserve to be up there. I’m a driven hard working guy so no stone will be left unturned.

Tells us your favorite motivational video & song..

“How bad do you want success” – Eric Thomas. This is normally on repeat through out my cardio slogs on a treadmill. You may already know this if not, check it out! Also love the leg day slogan on a t-shirt about the leg day "sexual tyrannosaurus", I focus on legs hard and never want to be one of them physique guys with no legs.

Favourite quote?

There’s a fair few to be honest but to name a couple..

“Every single journey starts with a single step”

“Don’t stop when you’re tired, stop when you’re done”

“Empty the Tank”

Who has influenced you the most?

Assuming you’re talking about athletes. The athlete that has influenced me the most is Sadik Hadzovic. The physique he brings to stage requires years of hard work and graft. He moves with crazy fluidity and you can tell he has simply drilled those poses for hours on end. A real show man that for sure. Meeting him after he’d won the Arnold Classic in Ohio was a dream come true. To get to where he is takes that next level dedication.

If you weren’t in the fitness industry where do you think you would be right now?

I can’t see myself not being in the fitness industry and surrounded by people who share the same passion. We are a rare breed and I wouldn’t change it for anything. I adore this industry and I will aim to be best version of myself every day, if I can help to motivate others to get themselves to be their best version along the way I will be a happy man.

One last mention to my sponsors FitFuelUK who have recently taken me on will be working very closely with myself in the run to my first show of 2015. A thank you to PROMiXX for supporting me wherever possible and motivating me every day. Optimum Nutrition for fuelling me with the best supplements there are on the market and of course Machine Fitness for kitting me out in some great gym wear!

If you guys had any questions or wanted to follow my run into the Welsh Championships simply follow my Instagram and Twitter  - @dr_yeomans

Dan ☺

Dan also has a great Youtube Channel where he documents his training, nutrition and day-to-day life. Get subscribing and stay motivated and up-to-date with his journey to the Welsh Championship in September 2015!

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