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Calum Von Moger: Arnold 2.0?

Posted on July 8, 2015 by BBWarehouse There have been 2 comment(s)

Arnold Schwarzenegger became, quite literally, the greatest bodybuilder in the world when he won Mr Olympia in 1970. Arnold kept the Mr Olympia title until he decided to retire from the sport in 1975 but now as Calum Von Moger becomes a more well known figure in the sport, are we about to see Arnold 2.0?

Calum Von Moger's Early Life

Born in Australia to an Austrian father and a Dutch mother, Calum Von Moger is a 25 year old, 112kg Bodybuilder. Standing at 6'2, Calum is currently 3x Mr Universe and is being compared to the most famous Bodybuilder of the 70's and currently

Calum Von Moger

being dubbed as 'Arnie 2.0'. Calum says that he is 'motivated and inspired by the Golden Era physique of Arnold Schwarzenegger' and that he is 'on a quest to bring old-school '70s bodybuilding into the 21st Century.'

Calum started training when he was just 14 years old when him and his brother would train at an old Warehouse with rusty Iron Dumbbells are Barbells. He was always seen as being skinny and not very strong and would spend his days pumping iron, eating tuna and whole chickens all while attending High School.


Calum entered his first Bodybuilding competition in 2010 in Victoria, Australia where he won. This was just the start for him though as he continued to build his physique and competed in the NABBA Junior International Championships AND the WFF Junior Mr. Universe in 2011 where he went on to win both in the same year.

Taking great inspiration from Arnold, Calum wants to earn his place with the greats! He plans to remain within the federation that judges first and foremost on aesthetic bodybuilding as these are his roots. He is also dedicated in wanting to give the same inspiration to others as he spends a large amount of his time speaking to children around the world about fitness and nutrition and also about how he has come so far in the hope it will encourage them to follow the same healthy footsteps. Calum now continues to strive for excellence in every single area of his life.

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