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Kettlebell exercises

Posted on October 9, 2013 by Ollie 'Ojay' Matthews There have been 0 comments

Read just how to work out with a Kettlebell and the best exercises...

My Top Five Kettlebell exercises


As discussed in my previous post, I promised that I would post my top five exercises that I use during prep once or twice per week instead of a cardio session to burn fat and stimulate my muscles and here they are! If you would like to see a demo of these kettlebell exercises, check out my video on the Bodybuilding Warehouse Youtube channel by clicking HERE.




The Kettlebell Swing

This is the basic kettlebell move and you will no doubt have seen it if you have witnessed anyone using kettlebells in the gym. Hold the kettlebell at arms length in a deadlift position. Bend at the hips, back nice and straight. Swing the kettlebell backwards and then drive through your heels to swing the kettlebell out in front of yourself whilst standing up at the same time. As the bell swings back, reverse the movement back again.

I always use this as a warm up and also to go in between my exercises to link them together.




The Kettlebell Snatch

This is like the swing but with one hand and at the top you flick the kettlebell arms length so it is above your shoulder. Reverse the movement and then once you have completed the given reps repeat with the opposite side.





The Kettlebell Clean & Jerk

As in the swing, swing and drive the kettlebell up towards your shoulder and flick it over to the back of your arm (your arm will look like it’s in the position of a bicep curl). From there drive the kettlebell upwards and overhead for the final jerk part. Lower the kettle bell back down and repeat for your reps or time.

kettlebell clean and jerk

The Kettlebell Double Handed Clean and Jerk

This is one of my favourite exercises requiring coordination and core strength, the clean and jerk as described above but this time with a kettlebell in each hand. I’d say this is my favourite because of the benefits it has on fat loss, you should be sweating after doing all of these and heart racing!




The Kettlebell Front Squat and Jerk

Get the kettlebell clean to the shoulder, from here you will then squat deep. Squat as low as you can without rounding your back! Your back must be kept nice and straight, then drive back up. Follow through by driving the kettlebell above your head, then lower back to shoulders, squat again and repeat. You can do this with one or two kettlebells as with the clean and jerk.



I would try to build on the amount of time and perform each exercise in order one after the other for one set and then repeat for your desired duration depending on your fitness levels.  A Kettlebell workout can be high intensity so i would recommend you have some BCAAs to hand to aid you intra workout and also make sure you get your protein in post workout to aid with your recovery. A lean shake like Bodybuilding Warehouse Diet Whey will also help you maximise your fat loss:)

As mentioned, if you would like to see these exercises performed, just click HERE to see a demo on the Bodybuilding Warehouse Youtube channel. 

By Ollie Matthews


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