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Late Night Snacking

Posted on February 19, 2014 by Ollie 'Ojay' Matthews There have been 0 comments

Ever wondered why you want that late night snack?

Is there a reason for your late night snacking?

One thing we have all had at some point or another, whether dieting, just getting healthy or following a food plan is late night cravings or sugar cravings when tired.


Is there a reason for this?

One reason which that a study suggests is ‘decision fatigue’.  Decision fatigue is when you have had a good day, you’re awake and not tired at all, during the day it’s easy to avoid that sugar, it’s easy to then say ‘NO’ to people offering things. You make so many decisions during the day; decisions about food, life, work... do I go this way? That way? Do I say this or that? And so on, that by the time we get to the evening we are experiencing serious fatigue in the decision department. The study suggests that the body gets tired and wants some sugar and the decision is fatigued so you give in.

There was also a study on 'decision fatigue' involving court cases where decisions were made with the same circumstances but on different days; one decision was in the morning and the accused was aquitted, the other was in the evening and the person was found guilty. This was after a full day of making decisions in the jury. This is one of the reasons when we shop in the supermarket whilst we are tired you kind of find yourself impulse buying, you’re tired so you get the junk food, you’re tired so the decision is to have the take away, you’re tired so the decision is to snack on the biscuits.

That is one theory.

There is also a bit of science involved in it too. There are two hormones in the body, one
being ‘Ghrelin’ which stimulates our appetites and another called ‘Leptin’, which signals to
the brain that you are full from the food you have eaten. The trouble is when we are tired the levels of ghrelin in the body go up and the leptin levels actually decrease, so therefore you are actually hungrier but you are never seemingly satisfied. Even sleeping less than 8 hours for two days straight can stimulate this hormonal response in the body. Try a ZMA supplement to help you get a more rested sleep that will also help recovery.

It is also linked with neurotransmitter depletion, two things ‘Serotonin’ a neurotransmitter that promotes feelings of well-being and happiness found primarily in the gut (hence why gut health is so important) and dopamine another neurotransmitter that actually has many functions – increasing sodium excretion & urine output in the pancreas and one massive thing is that it reduces insulin production which is going to have a massive effect on the hunger levels. If these two neurotransmitters are low studies have shown the side effect – the body craving sugar/salt/carbs. Try taking the edge off your cravings with a Premium Casein Probiotic shake.

The body is a wonderful thing isn’t it!

By Ollie Matthews


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