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Manchester Storm

Posted on October 23, 2015 by BBWarehouse There have been 0 comments

Manchester Storm are a legendary team in British Professional Ice Hockey circles, members of the Elite Ice Hockey League, and holders of the record for largest attendance ever at a British Ice Hockey event.


Bodybuilding Warehouse are now proud sponsors and nutritional suppliers to Manchester Storm!


Bodybuilding Warehouse will become the official nutritional suppliers to the team, working with players to provide exceptional quality nutrition to maximise their recovery, performance and results. In the modern age of Professional Ice Hockey, athletes have to get every step of their preparation right - from fitness, to nutrition and skill specific training. As one of the UK’s largest sports nutrition companies, with our own state of the art facility in house where we produce over 800 unique and exciting sports supplement, Bodybuilding Warehouse are exceptionally placed to support Manchester Storm as they take on this season!

Bodybuilding Warehouse was founded in 2008 by current Managing Director, Kieran Fisher. Kieran says “We’re excited about the new relationship, and expect great things. Manchester Storm are a legendary team here in Manchester and Ice Hockey is our kind of sport – hard, tough, energetic and passionate! We’re looking forward to supporting the players this season as they reach new heights in the championship”.

Storm - Res


Tough Sports Need Great Nutrition.

Ice Hockey is a fast paced, aggressive contact sport played on ice. You have to be strong, fast and fit. You also have to be tough – as anyone who’s watched a game will know! Players often slam gloves and helmits down to duke it out on the ice, with the referee only stepping in if one of them goes down! This is sport at it’s best – and most challenging. This isn’t a game where you fall over, and have to walk off the field. It’s a game played between tough people, who need to be in great shape to survive the 60 minutes let alone win!


Quality Matters

We at Bodybuilding Warehouse saw this as a unique opportunity to help out with our products. We know we make the highest quality supplements in the UK. Our products are manufactured in-house, in our own state of the art 21,000sqft facility using ingredients sourced exclusively from the leading ingredient suppliers of Europe. They’re formulated with years of experience, to do what matters most – WORK! We don’t believe in fancy packaging, if the product doesn’t “do what it says on the tin”. We believe in results, and we know with Bodybuilding Warehouse products you’ll get the best results your body is capable of, every time.


What Type of Nutrition Do Professional Ice Hockey Players Need?

Ice Hockey is an aggressive game played in three 20 minute periods, with the clock only going when the puck is in play. This means players will often be on the ice for well over an hour – the conditions cold and challenging, whilst your body drips with sweat and you gasp for air racing down the field. Before, during and after you need exceptional nutrition in order to keep energy levels up, perform well, and recover fast.

Manchester Storm



Pre-Workout we focus on providing fast acting energy that’s taken in by your body rapidly, ready for competition. Pure Highly Branched Cyclic Dextrin is perfect for this, as it’s the fastest acting carbohydrate available, supplies clean, efficient energy and doesn’t “weigh down” your stomach as you play. For mild energy with no crash,
Performance PUMP is perfect – designed to optimise nutrient transportation around the body, with low stims and energy from natural guarana, it’s ideal.


During the game or practice, you want more rapid acting energy to keep your body fuelled whilst Branch Chain Amino Acids, Citrulline Malate and Glutamine help fuel sustained performance and recovery. This is defined by Performance EXCEL, a truly exceptional quality product that uses the highest quality ingredients, synergistically combining all 3 above to perfect intra-workout nutrition.


Post Workout

You need to recover! You’d just smashed the Ice for over an hour. Flew down the field, sprinted, fought, and crashed into one another battering your body and you need to recover now, ready for the next game. Performance RECOVER was designed for just these challenges! Packed with rapid acting carbohydrates to replenish muscle glycogen stores, as well as Whey Protein Isolate (clean, fast acting protein), it’s perfect for the elite athlete.


I Want to Watch Manchester Storm!

Manchester Storm

"Go Goodwin Coaches sponsored Manchester Storm are pleased to welcome Bodybuilding Warehouse to the #StormTeam for the 2015/16 season!

The Storm players have already received a mountain of supplements from the guys at Bodybuilding Warehouse and they're over the moon with the quality & quantity of the products supplied. The Manchester Storm are looking forward to building and growing the partnership with the Bodybuilding Warehouse for many years to come."

For tickets please purchase directly on the Elite League’s website here - http://www.eliteleague.co.uk/tickets-s12343

To follow Manchester Storm as they race to become Champions, follow them here - http://manchesterstorm.com/

For more information on how to fuel your sport, and become a champion, why not ask us about the perfect supplements for you on social? We’re here 247 on Facebook and Twitter!



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