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Mens Physique Prep with Lee Malone

Posted on January 26, 2014 by Lee Malone There have been 0 comments

UKBFF – Mens Physique Prep with Lee Malone

I’m currently 14 weeks out from my second UKBFF Mens Physique show and I can’t wait to step on stage again especially with Bodybuilding Warehouse behind me this year. During my off season I’ve been working closely with fellow Bodybuilding Warehouse athlete Nathan Robinson to up my food and focus on certain areas I need to improve,
based on the feedback from my previous show and condition. I can safely say I’m over the moon with the progress I’ve made since last year, the size I’ve put on and the increase in my lifts.

I spent yesterday meeting Nathan for a catch up and a big chest session. Not only am I happy with the changes I’ve made but after not seeing Nathan for 6 weeks he was pleased with the change in my physique and hard work I’ve been putting it, which just adds more fuel to the fire and motivates me so much more! First up we hit chest with drop sets, supersets and very short rest periods, the session took around 60 minutes and felt like we hit every angle of the chest with a crazy pump with thanks to the new Bodybuilding Warehouse PRIME. After the session we discussed the plan for the up and coming 14 weeks running up to my show and what tweaks we’re going to make to show all the improvements I’ve made since last year.ukbff prep

Here’s an idea of my daily food intake at the moment and my training is currently 30 minutes low intensity cardio in the mornings followed by a high rep, low rest weight session after work to keep the intensity high.

Meal 1- 100g oats, 6 egg whites and BBW fish oils and Warrior multi vitamin

Meal 2- 50g basmati rice, 50g broccoli, 50g spinach, 20g almonds and 200g chicken

Meal 3- 250g sweet potato, 50g broccoli, 50g runner beans and 200g chicken

Meal 4- 200g baby potatoes, 50 broccoli, 50g runner beans, 20g walnuts and 175g salmon

Pre Workout- PURE PRIME

Post Workout- 50g PURE Maltodextrin, 5g PURE Creatine, 10g PURE Glutamine and 50g PURE 80 Whey (Smooth milk chocolate flavour)

Meal 5- 200g sweet potato, 50g broccoli and 200g chicken

Meal 6- 50g PURE 80 Whey (Smooth milk chocolate) and BBW ZMA


Be sure to keep checking the Bodybuilding Warehouse Blog to keep up to date with my Mens Physique contest prep and good luck to everyone taking part in the BBW Transformation challenge.

By Lee Malone



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